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Wires to control the entire plants and projects

These solid cables are used to control operations performed by different kind of electrical power equipments. These cables are used for heavy motes or machines. For startup of heavy machines these wires are required. Comparatively to other wires, the diameter of these wires is large. The thing to concern is to avoid the use of individual wire for heavy and more than two machines, motors, equipments.


In todays market a variety of these types of Control cable available. These wires used in software engineering and computer technology as well as automation industries, plants, factories to provide automatic procedure for processes.


Control cable consist of color of cores, laying of cores , inner sheath , armoring , outer  sheath , assurance , rating  conductors and so on. These conductors are of   aluminium or electrolytic copper. Cores   laying of cores and color of cores respectively are hand lay  and recognized through a color scheme .According to this color scheme two cores cab be red and black, the three cores will be  red , yellow and blue and Three and half  will be red , yellow , blue and black. Inner sheath is a wrapping of materiel named as thermoplastic.

  These wires have so numerous synonyms such as

§  Robotic wires

§  Multicore wires

§  Instrumentation wires etc.


These wires are applied under ground and transmission of electricity in industries, plants, and so many installations of electronic devices. These wires are also used in different different power projects and power plants.  These wires are manufactured at many levels at the time of manufacturing and have to go through from many tests at individual level

There are specified laboratory and instruments for the tests.


There is a wide Varity of Control cable are available in the market. But mostly these given type of wires are used to automation of process and the over all control of entire plants.

These lines are generally used for automation and for startup, accelerating processes and so on.






For this, these wires are of three types



  • CY wires
  • SY wires
  • YY wires


Control cable are used for trains, construction of building and companies to provide automation. In some features these wires are same and in some properties are very much different to each other. In case of same properties these wires are very much flexible .all are multicore wires. YY wires are of grey sheath and very much useful in light mechanical stress. CY controls are also in grey color and very much matched in that condition when noise interruption free signal transmission required. Third and very solid wire which is transparent used for mechanical

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