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Why we choose Unscreened Instrumentation Cable

 This wire has constructed according to attractive perfection. These wires are also popular in various industries because it maintains higher efficiency and awareness. Fabricator and distributor of instrumentation wires products range contains Screened and Unscreened instrumentation cables. The wires ranges of this link family are constructed by exercising higher property of aluminum metal and Mylar metal tape with copper ditch link or tinned copper braided. These categories of links are more readily installable cable family. Furthermore these wires play a significant role in enhancing achievement, affection, economy and control of the all over the plant. Aside from it, these wires are also adopted for work process control, electric and data signal communication and are available in the market with customized solutions according to the demands of customers.

These ranges of wires are generated by exercising high affection of aluminum and Mylar metal. More than this kind of product range of wires is as valuable for the impressionable signaling systems, control and equipment circuits by behalf of properties as higher closeness, long and reliable finish principle as well for presenting processes like shielding and screening.

In modern world most audio links are abandoned, and this accumulates out the greater radio frequencies, and authorizes phantom power to be transported. Nevertheless, telephone lines have always run over ample intervals unscreened, and the BBC ran hundreds of meters of unscreened instrumentation Cable successfully around auditioning house. These types of links exercised during distinct types of instrumentation application in various industries and commercial houses.  This cable is available in the market with economical price. In Delhi, we offer wide range of unscreened instrumentation cables to our clients and customers.

These wires are present in the market for the use of various plants and industries. Market is full of wide ranges of special cables. There are so many industries which are profoundly involved in manufacturing of these types of cable. There is a wide system for manufacturers and suppliers of wires, because manufacturing and supplying at various levels. These wires are used for the coal mines, stone cracking and in wielding, Production process and equipment layout, Production organization and management, many categories of prod Special equipment and correction processes, Material flow etc. These cables have attractive features so this is widely adopted in various types of application in industries. Relemacindia is the prime company in Delhi, which deals with chief quality of special cables.

There are some special processes to produce complex and entire model properties. These processes are Drawing, Stranding, and Wrapping etc. There are distinct type of this cable are available. These include

•           Fiber Teflon Glass cable

•           Silicone Rubber cable

•           Air Field link

•           Asbestos Braided cables

•           Auto lines etc.


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Relemac is a well reputed name in design and supplier of high-performance, high-band width cables and wires for telecommunications. We are the world s largest manufacturers of Fibre Glass Cable, Asbestos Insulated Fire Proof Cable and Air Field Cables etc.