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Why Power cables are most important in industrial and home applic

Fire Retardant cable is very convenient in the electrical fields. These cables are able to contain fire and also it minimizes the flammability of fuels and delaying their combustion. There are many types of retardant cables are available in the market. These types of cables contain spread, stain and splash etc. The fire retardant coating in these cables works in a distinct way. It protects electrical cables from side to side ablation as divergent to insulation. Energy is either generated or consumed to alter a material beginning one state to another. These cables helps in defending material with coating is comparatively easier. The coating on this cable merely has to be sprayed or apply on the entity. This mechanically makes the object resistant to the unsafe effects of a probable fire eruption. These types of cable are mainly used in places as electrical room, house and office etc. We are the leading fire retardant cables fabricator and supplier all around the country.

Fire rated cables can be used to return exclusive fire rated structure, blanket or hush-up and the hard to put in MI cable. Flame retardant cables are not rated for operation in a fire and in addition to all prospects it will not maintain the circuit integrity during a fire. These fire cables are one of the best cables available in the industry because these cables persists the circuit in the mean time when fire exists. More than these cable will also used in the occurrence of a fire, which is also identified as circuit integrity. The one of the superb use of these cables is that these cables can be fitted in offices or homes easily, so the demands of these cables are increases in the market. We are supreme supplier and manufacturer of fire rated cables in India.

Wiring cables or house wire cables are applied in interior application or electrical devices for electric control, lighting and interior cabling in house with divided perfunctory defense, depending on the application. These wires in addition to cables are single of the significant ingredient of person residence electrical systems. Various sorts of small as well as huge electrical strategy are applied each day at an individual home. To run these devices people want a variety of different kind of wires and cables. Relemac Technology is delivering good quality of wiring cables in the market.


Power cable is an accumulation of two or more electrical conductors which is clasp together with an inclusive sheath. There are many types of cables are used for power in various electrical application.  These types of cable mostly include three important elements as conductor, insulator and defensive jacket. These cables are designed in different sizes and shapes that can get easily elaborated. These cables are mostly used in the industrial sector for providing starting power to another area. These types of cable are called type W and type G-GC when used in industrial level. Our company is the best distributor of power cables in Delhi.

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