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Why FRLS cables are frequently used in domestic applications

In present time fire is a big social problem all around the world.  Most of the accident in buildings and industries are occurred due to the fire. There is various fire resistant cable suppliers company in India.  In 1985, FEC cable manufacturer first introduces the fire resistant cables in Malaysia. Fire resistant cable plays a major role in the cable industries. Fire resistant cables are mostly used in power telecommunications, construction industries and in oil & gas industries etc. Fire resistant cables are specially traced to cultivate circuit integrity in fire. Primarily these cables are adopted in the installation of preventing system including lift, smoke drain, fire cover, fire dismay, PA systems and emergency power supply. These types of cable mostly used in building and industrial areas. Fire resistant cable have many qualities as it is fire resistant, it has long time circuit integrity, low emission of toxic gases, zero halogen gases, flame  retardant and ease installation. Fire resistant cables mostly capitalize in fire resistant security circuits, control circuits, high temperature electronic circuits etc.


 In comparison with standard cables there are two types of fire resistant cable mostly used in the industries First cable is that reacts during the fire and confers low emission and discount flame propagation. Second cable is that which will prolong to operate throughout the fire when subjected to a stipulate blaze source for a period of time.   Hence   fire resistant cables are most important for security purpose. We are one of the best integral fire resistant cable suppliers and manufacturers in Delhi.


The full form of FRLS is fire retardant low smoke. These wires are mostly used in thickly populated areas. These cables are also used in residential house applications because of its endurance and resilience characteristics. Due to this reason these cables are also known as the FRLS domestic cables. FRLS domestic cables are mostly used in ups, invertors, batteries and control panels as well as in the areas where safety is an important concern. FRLS domestic cables provide very small smoke, poisonous gases and also it loiter the spread of gas. These type of cables is consequently supreme for covered and medium wiring in multistoried structure such as restaurants, sanatorium and commercial and residential complexes etc.


There are some advantages of these types of cables as it produces less amount of smoke when burned, so it allow people to exit from a burning building. These types of cables reduce the damage to human repository system because it produces less or no halogen gas when burned. These types of cables may relay both IS and non-IS signals, in which type of signal predicate on the source of signal. Application areas of these types of cables are power station and public places like super markets, cinemas, airports, railway stations and hospitals where large group of cable are needed. So these cables are so important for electrical fields. We are leading manufacturer and supplier of fire rated cables and fire retardant cables in Delhi.

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