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When You Do not Get the Job then what to Do Next

 In the modern world there is huge competition between the candidates to get a job. Most of the candidate gets a correct job on the other hand some candidates are not get the job in company. There are instances that the transition period among our jobs would be too long, that we get desperate, despondent and lose reliance on ourselves. Sometimes we happen to apply for many job posts, we happen to attend many interviews, but in vain. Give a second thought; why does this happen for many of us? When you face such condition then it is time for you to transfer your job hunting procedure. Take into attention various parameters along which you are deviated in comparison to others who get jobs, in the current market scenario. Here is some procedure, which would make your job hunt easy and land you in the job, which you like most, in an applicable time. The chief and for most thing that should be taken care of is avoid arriving delayed to the interview


  • Avoid improper dressing
  • Avoid staying too quite or ferocious and continuously talking
  • Never answer without listening to the interviewers questions
  • Avoid giving absurd and unclear answers
  • Avoid poor eye contact and poor body language
  • Avoid being over friendly with the interviewers
  • Avoid looking too dull and dispassion; look incandescent
  • Never try to act as per the wish of the interviewers, always be yourself
  • Avoid showing your achievements in a weak manner


What is the fundamental reason for your rejection?

You should call to Hr executive and ask the main reason of not get the job in the company. This also helps you to not repeat that mistakes in next job interview. Do not ever get rampant by hearing your mistakes, try to receive them positively as constructive excoriation, after all there is a no perfect man being created on earth. Keep them informed, that you would reach up to their prospect and to possibly consider you in near future, for further job occasion.

Always be staying positive:

It is chief ordinary thing that happens in our lives, if the transition period among our jobs is long, we will be restrained and lags behind to meet our obligation and most of us slip into melancholy. However, remember this is the time to stay sturdy and positive if do not get the job in the company. Instead of getting angry, enhance your skills, until you find a job.

Send a thank you note to the interviewers:

This would be the chief idea to break the taciturnity in a more humble manner, after do not get the job and this would presumably move you ahead to next step. Just go ahead and mail thank you note to each member of the interview panel, thanking them for their time and consideration and that it has been a happiness to talk to them and that you have propagated your mind in many dimension.


About the Author

Nitish Singh

 This is a common interview question asked by the interviewer to candidate. So you should well prepare for a short description about yourself. Briefly explain your academics and your marks if you acquire good marks otherwise ignore it. Explain in short about your family background and your hobbies. In the last describe about your strengths and weaknesses and goals and achievements