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What are the Causes and Consequences of Child Abuse

1. Definition of Child Abuse?

There are many forms of child abuse are present. It mainly refers to the physical or emotional persecution on the child and also ignoring child. This abuse refers to concentrated and sedate injury done to child. Not only this, not pay attention to children requirements, putting them in arduous or risqué situations, making the child feel substandard or stupid also comes under child abuse. When people think about Childs abuse they crouch to think of some common definitions, sexual abuse, psychological abuse and physical abuse but there is some other type of abuse that is sweeping our nation and the world.


2. Commonly types of Childs Abuse?


Child Abuse is commonly an abuse that is done to children under age 14 and often many girls have been the casualty of this abuse and the abuse may be from their parents, society, acquaintance and relatives. Commonly there are four types of abuse and they are:

Physical abuse

Emotional abuse

Sexual abuse

And neglecting child


3. Some common points to avoid abuse?

Here are some important points for children to be explained by their parents when they are facing emotional abuse:

• Make friends to their children and be busy with them.

• Always be convinced and positive.

• It is superior to pay no attention to the bully.

• Do not try to take revenge.

• Seek for help if you are in trouble.

• Search routes to feel good about you.


Procedure for children to be elucidated by their parents when they are facing child neglect:


• Speak out

• Try to redress or act according to conditions


Tips for children to be explained by their parents when they face child neglect:


• Always use an I message when someone does anything that makes you reckon bad or someone neglects you.

• Effort to be busy always and also read some books or plays games which you like

• Do not feel lonely


4. Which types of points to be taken when a Child is abused?

Scolding a child through any means is not heartened as it will impress the child intellectually, physically and devotedly. Child Abuse can be blocked or secured by taking some significant procedures. Here are some important procedures to be taken when a child is abused:


• If you find any children is being neglected by their parents or any other person then you should immediately act to the situation and report to authorities.


•Always be friendly with Childs and in private talk with children and listen their needs patiently, to analyze the prime reason of abuse.


• Always presume the child and secure them that they are not to blame


• Most of the time you should also contact the local police or the NGOs for help


• Be informed of unannounced damages and also with indecisive explanation of a children injury.


• Consider distortion in the behavior of the child because abuse may lead to distortion in behavior, ranging from becoming alone or becoming over hot-tempered.


• Children who are abused most of the time show suspicion towards going to places with the abuser or to the place where the abuser lives.


• Abused children may show undesired indication as they may lose weight or do not show curiosity in eating food.


5. Important measures to prevent Children Abuse?

Here some points should be considered to prevent Child abuse as:

• Make your child feel special in all situations.

• Be in touch with community.

• Get involved and promote programs.

• Be the first to take initiative when you inspect a child is being abused.

• Training parents and children.

• Actualizing public awareness.


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