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Welding cables are used heavy Duty Eastover for insulation

Welding Cables is a collection of multiple grouped flexible wires. When two wires are twist together within a insulate jacket known as cable .The small single wire in the cable are twisted from each other to create a large wire with the same property like small wire .The characteristics of small strand of wires are less flexible compared to the large strand of wires .Bunching of wires are the main attributes of these wires .These wires are the bunch of wires before converting them into strand wires .This types of wires are mostly used for the connection in the machines .More than this ,these are used for car manufacturing and machine tools .These wires are available in multiple colors. The colors like black, red, orange, yellow etc. For the insulating compound of different colors is used for insulation in this type of wires. These wires work within a limited operating temperature .To measure the size range of these wires another standard is used. This style is the North American style .In this we measure the range in AWG and MCM.  There are some important points to remember related to these wires.

·         The power supply in these welding cables should not exceed 650 Volt.

·         These wires are used for the secondary connection in welding machines.

·         These wires are very flexible wires.

·         These wires are oil and water resistant.

·         Heavy Duty Eastover is used for insulation the wires.

·         The operating temperature of these wires is - 50 degree centigrade to 100 degree centigrade.

·         The size range of these wires are 11 sq mm to 250 sq mm.

·         Two styles are followed in the manufacturing of these wires .first one is North American style and European style

 There are wide varieties available in the market of these welding cables .Different and special type of wire has manufactured for inverter kind of welding machines .These wires are used to establish connectivity between the inverter and battery. These wires are very flexible and prepared to survive in the high temperature. These wires are specially used for the wielding purpose or with heavy motors .So it become necessary to choose heavy wires so that it can load large amount of electricity and lead to zero or no leakage problem .It is composed of approximately 40 copper thick strands.  The manufactures of wielding cables should under stand tht they should follow the international standard of manufacturing the wires. They should follow the codes of colors and resistance ratings.

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