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Various types of Special cables and their uses in Industrial operations

In the present time mostly all electronic equipments in audio video home entertainment sector require some special cables for the connectivity purpose. Various types of wires are mostly adopted in such apparatus, some of which are also act as converters. Digital video encoders/decoders are also installed in some special wires. These types of cables are adopted in building machinery, and systems of lifting and cranes, twisted and untwisted projects for torahs stress. The range of products varies from medical purposes, sensors till mine lamps. There are some type of this wires are as

·         Fiber Teflon Glass wire

·          Silicone Rubber wire

·         Air Field wire

·         Asbestos Braided wires

·         Auto lines

·         Battery wires

There are series of levels are involved during the fabrication of special cables of copper. For this the cable fabricators have to follow certain quality of guidelines in the fabricating process. Copper cables are mostly adopted in both the home-owning as well as the commercial wiring. The metal has to go through various levels before it is broadcast into the electrical wire. The entire process of fabricating copper cable special wires such as harness copper rope contains succession of steps. Initially the metal has been worked to form copper rods that are later altered into wires.

Companies have to follow various processes during the fabrication of these wires. This process conducts some step by step sub- processes .Special wires fabricating process includes some features as:

§  Production process and equipment layout

§  Production organization and management

§  Many categories of prod Special equipment processes

§  Material flow

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In the market few kinds of cable called RG-59. RG-59 cables are also very commonly adopted with security cameras as the video link connecting the camera to the connected video system. The RG-59 wire is most commonly terminated with either an F-Type or a BNC type connector. F-Type is generally used with TV connections like affixing to your cable TV system. RG-59 cables are available in various places that sell bulk cable for installations. People can frequently buy it in aggregate amount from those locations. If People only require a shorter run to go to a TV or similar device then they can find a shorter cable at most electronics stores that sell cables.

This is a very effective cable for security cameras because RG-59 is capable of broadcasting this form of video over long distance runs of wires. BNC connectors are adopted when using the cable to protect cameras or some other types of video transportation. The connector does not affect the cable s ability to transmit the signal; it only affects how it connects to the equipment. In the market we are the chief manufacturer and supplier of rg-59 cable in Delhi.

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