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Various types of high voltage cables are popular in the electrica

In the present time electricity is more important for everyone. Different types of wires, conductors, machines, electronic devices have become a cardinal part of our life. Without the help of HV cables it is difficult to log on to the internet and also it is impossible to use wireless devices for considerable time. There is one other name of high voltage cable which is popular in the market is HV cables. HV cables are designed for the transmission of AC/DC signal without any unsought interference.


These types of cables are designed in different colors and widely used in manifold industries. These cables are used to broadcast high voltage at low as well as high temperature. HV cables are also popular for accurate signal transmission. These cables are widely used in three different forms in the market as AC/DC power transportation, equipment cables and combustion systems. We are the leading distributor of HV cables in the market.


Thermocouple cables are mainly used in sensor equipment to measure the temperature. Due to its low cost and wide appraisal expanse these types of cables are mainly used in industrial control applications. These types of cable are manufactured from two electrical conductors which is compose by two different metal impairs. With the help of crisping and welding the two conductors are electrically shorted at one end of the cable and this end is also called as “hot junction”. The other end is called as cold junction. These cables are mainly used to alteration the signals over conductor from thermocouple to central unit. An open circuit voltage is generated from thermocouples which is called the seebeck voltage that is gained from temperature difference between hot and cold junction.  Our company is the best fabricator and supplier of thermocouple cables.


In the modern time various kind of rubber cables are used in the market. One popular rubber cable is H07RN-F which is mostly used in industrial applications. H07RN-F is coated in rubber but surrounded in polycholoropropene. Outer jacket of H07RN-F cable is designed in black color. These cables are heavy-duty and rubber sheathed cable. These types of cables are also used for short circuit poof and short ground proof accession. These cables are frequently used in industrial works as boilers, electric tools, homework tools and transportable motors. It is also pertinent for absolutely laying on intrinsic and mechanical parts of machines in lifts and cranes. Our company is a leading H07RN-F cables manufacturer and supplier and we are discriminate for our feasible prices.


Welding cables are manufactured with the help of rubber insulation.  It is characterized as a type of industrial power cable and it has greater malleability power due to some starting wires.  These types of cables are more malleable than THHN wire or any other type of electrical wire. These types of cable are mostly used in welding of different type of products. Relemac Technologies is a chief manufacturer and supplier of welding cables.

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Relemac is a well reputed name in design and supplier of high-performance, high-band width cables and wires for telecommunications. We are the world s largest manufacturers of Fibre Glass Cable, Asbestos Insulated Fire Proof Cable and Air Field Cables etc.