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Various types of Electrical cables and their uses in industrial application

High quality of coaxial wire is adopted for High definition TV, Satellite TV, Broadband, Cable TV and Satellite Master Antenna Television. The three most popular coaxial cable types adopted for these operations are RG-59 cables, RG-6 cables and RG-11 cables.  Coaxial cable for these applications has an impedance of 75 ohms. A high attainment RG6 cable at 100 megahertz could have a indication loss of 6.4 db per hundred meters. Since the decibel scale is logarithmic, this means that the indication in this wire will have been abate in signal stamina by about 75% over an expanse of 100 meters.

When catching up more than one television to a satellite indication, one option people can have is a single satellite acceptor augmenting more than 1 television. With a basic satellite acceptor people will be able to catch up more than one television, but are still limited to watching the same channel on both lines. All people require connecting the satellite receiver s antenna-style RF output to the input of our second television. For this connection, a RG-6 cables or RG-9 cable works perfectly well.

The accomplishment of Dish network is predictable and expert installers take supreme care of the installation. The installers provide perfect position to the dish for optimal reception and connect the receiver to the TV. Experts can also use a RG-6 coax cable to connect Dish TV receiver to the satellite dish. WE are the chief manufacturer and supplier of rg-6 cables in Delhi, India.

Some types of electrical cables contain THHN, Romex, UFB wire and bare copper. Each has a special purpose in the electrical area, so I will give you some basic advice which helps you to make the right decision when wiring your own home.

THHN wire is the individual conductor copper wire with a PVC covering and nylon shielding. people can notice the shiny feeling of the outside of this type of cable and the bare copper, or brass, color to the inside strands. Frequently these types of wire are the alliance for all of the electrical wires. Romex cable is a link with above than one THHN wire and a bare copper ground. Romex was manufactured so that above than one THHN cable can be start from the electrical box to the lighting and applications in your home.

UFB link is an underground link which is adopted without flow if needed. Sometimes underground electrical cable is adopted in the channel to which it is only better for the cable but definitely not needed. These types of cables also have a tough outer jacket which protect it from damages. In the market we are the best manufacturer and distributor of different types of electrical cables to our clients and customers.

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