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Various kinds of electrical cables and their importance

These types of wires are exercised during the fabrication of distinct cable electrical exploitation. These kinds of links are also congregated together with other small wires to get even more recoil. Many times there are bare copper links also present in cables but other times the copper is insulated with alternate metal as gold, tin or silver which protect the disintegration and magnifying the life of the copper cable.

Various kinds of cable Electrical cable are exercised for auditioning electricity and also these links are basically fabricated with the help of copper or aluminum. In the merchandise various kinds of links are available with a unique activity.  The most famous electrical links are submersible links, underground electrical links and power electrical links etc. Electrical links are abandoned to assure assurance and to restrict the jeopardy of electrical shock contingency. Underground power cables are the procrastinating mode of power articulation to homes and corporation, which have convert the hideous overhead wires and utility poles. These kinds of three core links also apprehend as armored wire which is covered with strong steel strands that are engrossed around with good insulation.

There are many variety of electrical cables are applicable in the market as twisted pair wires, ribbon cables, communication wires, elevator links, sensing links and coaxial links etc. All kinds of links are exercised during various types of commitment as escalators, mechanics, power plants, cable ropes and conversation related corporation. These kinds of cables also used during various types of electrical operations. Our company is the capital company in the field of manufacturing and delivery of electrical cable. Our team of expert professional provides best quality of electrical wire to various clients and customers in Delhi, India.

Various kinds of cables control links are exercised in distinct types of domestic and industrial operation. The reason behind this is that these cables are used to control the power of electricity from maximum dangerous accidents. These cables are exercised for a control function. Control cables not deliver power, rather than it is adopted to deliver the signals that control the power which is transmitted. These cables also contain voltage and signals of current which is borrowed from transformers and also exercised for power determination and security functions. Various types of cables control links contain conductors which is exercise to dispatch switching indication from one place to other place. These cables drift to be briefer in length, perhaps included with an electrical substation or other installation. Control cables engage a central location among power links and communications links. They are broadly adopted to connect electric contrivance and equipment, for conservative relaying and in automation. Our company is the prominent fabricator of various quality and significance of cables control links to all over the country.


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Relemac is a well reputed name in design and supplier of high-performance, high-band width cables and wires for telecommunications. We are the world s largest manufacturers of Fibre Glass Cable, Asbestos Insulated Fire Proof Cable and Air Field Cables etc.