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Various characteristic of high voltage cables in industrial

High voltage cables know by other name as HV cables. These types of wires are exercised for AC/DC signal transference beyond any superfluous retardation and crosstalk. These links are exercised in many industries and these links are available in different colors in market. HV cables are exerted to dispatch high voltage at minimum as well as high temperature. These types of cables are also very notorious for accurate signal transference. These wires are attainable in three different forms such as: AC/DC power communication, instrument cables and ignition systems.


These types of high voltage cable are the fastest and secure way to dispatch large amount of electricity once in a time. In the market large category of well accomplished and fabricated cables are available. These types of links are distinct in voltages, capacitance, color, utmost cable length and agreement to machine with other type of wire. These cables are classified in three assortments

  • Low voltage links
  • Medium voltage links
  • High voltage links


This kind of cables are exercised  to deliver electricity more than one thousand voltage at once .These cables are laboriously coated links so that they can dispatch a maximum amount of electricity  at a single time. There are some wires which are adopted as high voltage wires:-

  • AC power cables
  • HDVC cables
  • X- Ray cables

HDVC wires are specifically constructed cables for direct current cables .For example these types of links contain power lines. These power lines are exercised to dispatch maximum amount of electricity over long distance. When this electricity encompasses to main station, it transformed from direct current in accelerated current .The electricity which we adopt in our homes and offices are in the form of AC form. We are the capital manufacturer and supplier of good quality of high voltage cables.

H07RN-F rubber cables is a heavy-duty, rubber coated wire. These types of cable have high accent which is acceded up to 1000 V alternating voltage for conserved and fixed installation and adjustment constructed by single-core rubber coated wires. H07RN-F rubber cables can be exercised for short circuit-proof and short to ground proof installations in consensus with VDE 0100 Part 520; Type-compliant versions HAR certified with HAR testing and certification mark for accelerated granting of approvals if final application of cable is within the European CENELEC area.

Application areas of these cables are as:

  • In handheld and power inventory equipment according to HD 516/VDE 0298-300 standard.
  • According to HD 516/VDE 0298-300: in gadget, accessories and agricultural       instrument for medium mechanical stress.
  • In barren or damp space as well as outdoors applications.
  •  In various kind of light and harmony technology operations.
Our company is the chief fabricator and supplier of chief property of H07RN-F rubber cables which is adopted for various kind of commercial and business application.

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