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Various applications of Fire Rated Telephone Cable

The progression of industries includes four basic levels: introduction, development, cultured and decline. There has been commodious analysis done on the subject, but exceptionally do we see written material particularly addressing the levels as they administered to an individual industry. There are much discrimination to industries in the telecommunications world, because of the correspondence in the business model, value drivers and levels of evolution. Most telecommunications sectors and the web hosting sector grow under the persisting profit of business model. The one of the best use of these cables is that these cables can be fitted in offices or homes easily, so the demands of these cables are increases in the market.

These cables are superlative for use in thickly aggregated areas these cables are presently very common in residential homes because of its persistence and resilience. Fire Rated Telephone Cables are mostly used for best kind of communication medium. These types of cables are mostly adopted in huge traffic of telecommunication medium for providing chief quality of communication through the help of telephone. These fire rated telephone Cables are also adopted during the proper construction of Bluetooth and wireless connections.

Due to the less security and high risk wireless connections can easily be intercepted by external attack. More than these cable will also used in the occurrence of a fire, which is also identified as circuit integrity.  Hence, these types of cables provide best security and fire prevention to wireless connections. There are various kinds and properties of these cables are available in the market with different sizes and colors. In India our company is the chief manufacturer and supplier of Fire Rated Telephone Cables.

Flexible multicore Cables are able to work in different temperatures, their normal working temperature is -20 to 70 degree centigrade and high working temperature is 20 to 90 degree centigrade. Their working voltage grade is 1100 volts and test voltage is 3000 volts. These types of cables have good resistance to thermal shock and also these cables present in the market with different colors.

Polycab flexible & multicore cable: These types of cables mostly focus on the security issue. These cables are twin shielded with cables to assure best quality in the industrial applications. These cables are ISI certified and deliver best quality of operation in all around the world. For industrial application mostly two types of cables are preferred as:

Analog: There is a stage box in these types of cable that includes around 75% transmits and 25% receives accomplished by using XLRs however  also there some systems also exists which use TRS. The analog wires include system with sub snakes which we require to plug-in with main stage box. 

Multipin:  The multipin cable is adopted to establish sub snakes with main stage box. This characteristic also delivers more expandability regarding length and channel. These links are adopted for more than one sub snakes at the same time and authoritative for flexible cables. WE are the leading manufacturer and supplier of Flexible multicore Cables in Delhi.

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Relemac is a well reputed name in design and supplier of high-performance, high-band width cables and wires for telecommunications. We are the world s largest manufacturers of Fibre Glass Cable, Asbestos Insulated Fire Proof Cable and Air Field Cables etc.