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UTP Cables is required little bit care at the time of installatio

Networking technologies has developed gradually. Lots of wiring solutions have been used in this field .Now a days all the copper wire has changed to the UTP cable which refers to the unshielded twisted pair.It is a standard wire for the communication systems. Since a long time these wire are used for analog signal transmission .This type of signal transmission came to known as POTS which refer to plain old telephone services .The pair count configuration for these wires is twenty five (25), fifty five (55) and one hundred ten (110) and much more .The unshielded twisted pair wires categories length depends on the used network topology and protocol. 


These wires are one of the cheap wire .This wire is mostly used in the United States .Outside the US people prefer shielded twisted pair wires because in this over each pair of the shield a twisted wire placed .These wires provides excellent performance at low cost. With lots of benefits of these wires there is a one drawback too. Actually these wires require more care in installation. There are three types of wires .first one is foiled twisted wire, second one is shielded twisted pair, and the third one is unshielded twisted pair wire. This is mostly used for telephone wires, communication wire and in the installments of computer networks. As FTP wire and STP wire are wrapped from insulation, against it UTP cable is not wrapping with any insulation.

There is some characteristics of these wires are listed here.


These wires are very easy to work

These wires are comparatively very cheap.

Troubleshooting in these wires is very easy.

Required little bit care at the time of installation.

These wires are very durable and reliable too.


UTP Cable is the most popular wire among the communication wires. This type of signal transmission wire  is available in so many qualities in the market, as communication wires, network installation wires, power cables and much more .Most used unshielded twisted-pair wire is made up of two to  eight twisted pair wires completely shielded by the insulation.

Unshielded twisted pair wires has categorized in six or seven parts.


The Cat 1 is used for traditional telephones and uses Upto one Mbps data rate.Cat2 is also known as Token ring and uses Upto 4 Mbps data rate .Cat 2 and 4 known as token rings too and works with respectively 10 and 16 Mbps data rates. Further categories known as gigabit Ethernet and works as 1000 Mbps data rate.


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