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Uses of Silicone rubber cable and EPR cable in the electrical


Teflon wires are more reliable and malleable wire with great strength capacity. These types of wires have the spread to abide heat which builds it very simple to accumulate different electrical equipment and other types of equipment as fire guns.  These wires are fabricated by the help of different elements as carbon and fluorine. Mainly it is a polymer substance and it is also known by a chemical name as poly tetra fluoro ethylene. PTFE insulated wires are mostly used for internal wiring of miscellaneous electrical equipment. PTFE wires have high mechanical and electrical properties so it is used in many electrical applications. PTFE wires have long electrical stability so it is used in manufacturing of gears, slide plates and pyrotechnic compositions. This is the reason that these wires are mostly used in heaters. Relemacindia is one of the dominant PTFE wires manufacturers and suppliers in Delhi.                            

Compensating cable is widely used in various industries as cement and steel. These types of cables are manufactured by the good quality of raw material and consolidated with finest quality of alloys. Due to the easily availability and less expensive characteristics these cables are most famous in comparison with thermocouple cables. These types of cable are also famous because of their best veracity signal transportation over long distance. These cables are covered by an insulated jacket which protects them from electromagnetic hindrance, so these cables are safe in the use. There are various characteristics of these cables are as malleability, inexpensive in comparison with other cable, solid insulation, fire hindrance, chemical resistivity etc. We are foremost fabricator and supplier of these cables.



The full form of EPR cable is ethylene propylene rubber. The thermal and electrical characteristics of ethylene propylene rubber cable dielectrics are so durable with temperature. Obviously the inorganic element of the ethylene propylene rubber cable dielectrics alters from about 38% to 49%. The mechanical characteristics of ethylene propylene rubber cable are more stable with temperature in comparison with other TRXLPE cables. Ethylene propylene rubber cables also have uniform stiffness temperature. Ethylene propylene rubber cables are commonly equal to butyl rubber, but EPR cables have improved property than butyl rubber. Ethylene propylene rubber cables are also used to isolate power cables which have higher current counting. Our company also deals with different types of ethylene propylene rubber cables.

Silicone rubber cables include a synthetic rubber with abounding advantages of natural rubber. These cables have the finest weathering characteristics, and will abide invasion from water and mineral oils, but not from petrol.  These types of cables are manufactured by the help of silicone materials; there are various color and design of silicone cables are widely used in industrial application. These types of cables are very famous in the market due to its tensile strength.  These types of cables are mainly used in the areas as in engine parts, furnace seals and elements used in outer space. RelemacIndia is the finest manufacturer and supplier of good quality of silicone rubber cables.

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