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Uses of 3 core flat cable

 3 core flat cables is one of the most important type of the flexible flat cables .These wires are formed by crossed pair of conductor .These wires provide possible degree of safety and durability .With these wires also increase the chances of reliability. These wires are very much popular for easy and simple operations, abrasion resistance comparably longer life and for high reliability. These wires do not allow passing water, grease and oil too.

Now a day s in the market these wires are available in a wider and broad range .The designing and manufacturing factors makes this wires more durable and reliable .These wires contains so many striking feature that is why it became more demanding wire. Really these wires are one of the striking featured wires which are on the most demand in the market. The triple layer protection of these wires has increases the number of qualities wires list.

Features of 3 core flat cable:

If today these wires are very much popular in the market then the reason is only its striking features. The features of these wires are critical space requirement, protection from the water, uniform resistance and much more .these wires are available in the form of insulation with a special grade PVC .The main quality of these kinds of wires is abrasion resistance .This is not enough about these wires .These wires provide protection from the entrance of little hard foreign bodies.

  • These links provide protection from the water, oil and grease.  
  • These links are very much flexible.
  • These types of links are insulated with the help of special grade of PVC.
  • These links are present with the abrasion resistance power.
  • These links are exercised for the submersible motor, tube wells

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Ptfe heater wires are flexible in between temperature from -210 to 260 degree centigrade. These wires are mostly used for flexibility in seats and pad of car, carpet heating etc. These wires are installed at the time of floor construction under dry and moist conditions. With the help of full finished conductor and wall installation it controls the temperature of electronic devices and display devices also. These wires provide technologies like anti freeze roof, gasket heating and window edge. The construction of Poly tetra Fluoro Ethylene wires consist three important steps for heating wires and devices. Our company also offers good category of ptfe heater wires.

Various types of applications of Ptfe heater wires are as:

·         These kinds of cables exercised during the testing of electric instruments

·         In the Wireless communication equipment these cables are necessary.

·         These types of cables are commonly used in various rectifiers and motors.

·         Also adopted in huge computers and airfield lighting devices.

In the sector of atomic energy control equipment these cables are poular.

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