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Use Low Smoke Cable And Make Your Environment Pollution Free

Before low smoke cables, first you must know about halogens. Halogens are combination of different components such as chorine, fluorine, bromine, astatine and iodine. You must have heard about these components as all of us use them in our day to day life. They also help in manufacturing low smoke cables. The components used in low smoke cables are also useful in making our environment healthier. You can also called them Low Smoke Zero Halogens as they produce very less smoke while burned, so they are called flame resistant.

To choose low smoke cables is safest for plenum use and also for all other applications where smoke is build and come in contact with the people. Low smoke zero halogen cables are beneficial as they produce less harmful toxins.


Almost all the networking cables are insulated with polyethylene or thermoplastic urethane(TPU)that are used for low smoke cables. As we know that all the plastic material contains halogen release hydrogen chloride. And poisonous gases that forms hydrochloric acid and come in contact with human bodies through water which is very hazardous. So in that case halogen-free cables can be used because they are pollution free and do not emit dangerous gases during combustion. There are various positive reasons for using low smoking cables for example: To make our environment pollution free.


Other Halogen Uses

There are numerous ways of using halogens are that are beyond everyday contact of human bodies. Cable jackets contains the flame retardant elements also include polyvinyl chloride (PVC).These retardant elements sometimes cause health problems for people. Although low smoke cable is nature friendly but they can also catch fire release hazardous gasses if these cables reach their point of ignition.  Carcinogenic substances like Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs), Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs), dioxins and Nitro Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons are the chemicals which are toxic and can be formed when halogen components are burned. 


Low Smoke Zero Halogen is a safe alternative:

Low smoking cables are very helpful for us as they produce very less smoke and hazardous gases. The low smoke zero halogen cable also contains burned components like polypropylene but produce very less toxic gases. The low smoking cables are very useful for those places which are fire potential and easily approachable by people.

So whenever you go to choose a cable then u should keep this in mind that your cables must be truly low smoke cables and offers more safety. 

The customers are more conscious about the products they are using which leads to increase the demand of low smoke cables. So that we can make our surroundings more pollution free and safe.

It is very difficult to differentiate that which cable is low smoking cable and which is a low smoke non halogen cable. The low smoke cables are also known as green choice products which are environment friendly. They are 100% recyclable. Green choice products are more beneficial when installed where halogen concentration is more concern.

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