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Underground cable installation is better than overhead installation

Cable electrical is a way for electricity power transmission. Electric power transmits through different types of wires .Multiple electricity centers transmits electricity through wires from one place to another place. Power transmission from one station to substations and then to offices, households and so on. These wires are installed in underground wire lines and overhead wire lines. Some wires are very flexible, individual and twisted whereas some wires are bunched, solid and single.

There is a conductor, which has insulated with layer of liquid metal .These metals are tin, gold, and copper, silver.

The cost of overhead lines installation is 10 to 2.7 cheaper than underground installalation. Sometimes this reason exceeds the budget limit of projects. Construction budget also affected by the cost problem of underground wiring. That is why people preferred overhead wiring but in houses, schools etc because of safety purpose people use underground wiring installation system also. The installation, design and maintenance cost of underground lines are always place and client specific. There are some factors which impact on the installation of wires.

Most basic wire is welding wire, because it is of copper stranding and the insulation. Copper price are not stable so the prices of wielding wire are also not stable. It has good flexibility, and better color retention.  This wire mostly used for secondary voltage resistance welding leads It totally depends on the site where you are installing the lines that it is mountain region, plane regions etc. The other thing is utilizes like roads, cable electrical, traffic, bridge, environment etc. restrictions like government policies, pollution also matters at the time of wire installation. So we can say that overhead wire installation is better than underground wire installation because some times it become necessary to install overhead line for safety purpose.  The more populated places like airports, markets etc these wire installation is preferable .At the time of power transmission sometimes some energy loses. This energy loses has categorizes in three ways.


  • Joule effect
  • Magnetic effect
  • Dielectric effect


The above effects can be defined respectively as, when energy convert into heat known as joule effect, when energy creates magnetic field ,called magnetic effect and in the Dielectric effect  energy absorbed by the insulators. Market use this basic formulas and

Provide amazing equipments and variety of wires. Really this is an area which must be tackle or handle very carefully. Changing customer requirements and increased awareness has become the main reason for that drastic change in the cable electrical field.

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