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Top-kit tower crane SCM-C5510 (potain technology)


SCM-C5510 tower crane is a kind of upper slewing, self-telescoping tower crane designed and manufactured on our own adopting advanced technology at home and abroad whose performances has reached international advanced level. The maximum combined jib length is 55M, maximum lifting capacity and lifting moment are 6 Ton。
SCM-C5510 crane can be rail-traveling, stationary or anchored to the building and internal climbing.
The main technical parameters of SCM-C5510 are as following:
The max load capacity: 6T
The tip load capacity: 1.0T
The work radius: 55M
The max mast section dimension: 1.6*1.6*3.0M / 1.4*1.4*3.0M
The max free standing height:
1.6*1.6*3.0m/1.4*1.4*3.0M: 36.7 m(stationary)/38.35m(traveling)/27.55 m(climbing)

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