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These cables are divided into different categories such as RG 6 cables

RG stands for “Radio Guide”. These cables are divided into different categories such as: RG-6, RG-11, RG-59 etc. RG cables are kind of coaxial cables and used in various industries for accurate current transmission according to the load. They are available in different colors and lengths and use to transmit both analog and digital signals in high quality without any fluctuation. These cables are mainly used for distributing signals to cable TV, roof antenna and satellite dish. RG-6 cables are available with better shielding for satellite cabling to take clear pictures and images from space and transmit them in HD-quality.


These cables are used for both domestic as well as commercial purpose as they are very durable and provide resistance from fire and flame to reduce smoke emission. These cables are mainly used for audio and video distribution in fine quality. They are available with thick PVC insulation which is used to provide them flexibility. RG cables are used for both indoor and outdoor purpose as they are incorporated with thick jacket for sunlight resistance.


RG or Radio Guide cables throw upto 300 volts. They are incorporated with black copper wire to transmit digital signals in higher quality. The main reason for using these cables is their popularity in existing market RG-6 cables have replaced rg-59 cables as they transmit more good quality audios/videos in comparison with other cables without any kind of interferences and crosstalk. These cables are used for various applications such as:

·         Engineering industries

·         Medical

·         Oil plants

·         Gas and petroleum industries

·         Chemical and electrical industries

·         Telecommunication industries

·         Telephone industries



The main benefit of using these cables is to transmit accurate signals. These cables are highly reliable as they are prone to signal leakage and crosstalk. RG-6 cables are mainly used for satellite, cable TV and antennas. They contain solid copper and copper clad steel conductor which are suitable for simple analog TV signals and cab be used at home as well as offices or industries. The different types of RG-6 cables are used for different applications. Other benefits of these cables include:

·         Reliability

·         Easy to install

·         Durability

·         Best resistance power

·         Chemical and electrical resistance 

RG-6 cables are designed for accurate signals. These cables are designed with best quality raw material to provide better quality cables which can be used even in worst climatic conditions. These cables transmit both analog/digital signals for clear images, audio and video transmission.

RG-6 cables are popular in market because of their quality and current transmission rate. They are incorporated with PVC insulation.    

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