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There is bright Career in India and outside the India

There are various Courses After 12 are available. What I do now is a challenging question which present in front of students after completion of Intermediate. So for choosing a right course, students want some guideline from their parents and also from others. There are some common courses those students prefer after Intermediate, Full time diploma courses, vocational and job oriented training, correspondence courses, university offering courses, and highly rewarding course etc. Some common name of the course is B.A, B.S.C, B.Com, B.Tech, B.Arch, B.B.A, B.D.S, M.B.B.S, and B.Ed etc. So there are various courses that student joins after completion of Intermediate. To choose the correct course and to make their future bright students wants some guidelines from his parents and also from some professionals.


There are various colleges which allow students for Correspondence courses. In this students registered with the college and they give their registration fee to the college. In this course students are free to go or not go to the college for studies. In this course college provide all necessary material related to study. When students finish their courses than he will receive their certificate. In this course there is a warning that if students leave the course without completion of course, they will still have to pay for the whole course.  

There are Some Students which wants to makes their Career outside India. After the graduation most of the students go outside India to make their career. Because India is a developing country not a developed country, so there is not more career opportunity. This is a big reason that some peoples go outside India to make their future bright. There are various career options are available outside of India, which attract the people to make Career outside India.

There are various opportunities to make their Career abroad in a reputed company. To make a bright career in abroad your communication and your skills should be good, and also your Resume and cover letter regarding your academic and professional details should be in a proper format .If anyone wants to make career in abroad than he should prepare for a good interview. There are many career options are available in abroad for the people.


There is various opening for job in abroad. Because of the globalization there is a wide flow of services, goods and information worldwide. So people now take some interest for Job abroad. The reason behind that why peoples wants to work abroad is that they want new delicious food, new culture, desire to travel and to learn new way of living. There is various jobs related website are available which provides the proper information of different job vacancy in abroad as naukari, times job, shine, careesma etc. Some peoples done an internship job in the abroad. Internship is a kind of opportunity for students for gaining experience related to their technical field. Internship is a project based process in which interns works on a project and gaining some knowledge. Hence there are many jobs available in the abroad which attract to the peoples.

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