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Telephone cables have grown right along with that industry

Despite the wireless technology still we are using wired telephone technology. This is a proof in the different types of wired transmission lines that are used now days. Transmission medium helps in fastest and easiest communication.  There are so many choices that are available now for particular and businesses also. They can now choose what telephone cable they would like to use to communicate and transfer information in the world where everything is almost quick. Choosing the right cable for your telephone connection can give you a lot of benefits for you home or business. Here are the types of telephone cables that can help you to choose right connectivity line or wire

 1. Unshielded twisted-pair
this is the first choice among telephone cable used in schools. This type of telephone cable is available in so many qualities, as telephone grade, high-speed cables etc. An unshielded twisted-pair cable is made up of four wires completely wrapped by the jacket of wire. Two wires are crossed together to make a pair. To avoid disturbance from other electronic device and cables releasing their signals, every pair has so many number of twists. This telephone cable is so famous because of its low price, being the less expensive among all of the introduced cables.

2. Shielded twisted-pair

This uses foil to wrap the twisted-pair wire to decrease the interference. Inside the jacket there is well protected from interference with the use of additional shield or foil. This telephone cable is broadly used among telephone lines with increased distances, as like in office telephone networks.

3. Coaxial cable
Coaxial telephone lines is the most difficult to install but resistant power is really effective. It can resist signal interruption from data and telephone transmission through data transmission lines. A coaxial cable is made up of a single copper wire. Its core insulation covered with layer of plastic. This plastic layer is again wrapped by a braided metal that helps to stop resistance for the telephone cable. This can be used not only to to support even greater distances among the networks. This is more resistant to interference than the unshielded and shielded twisted-pair wire.

4. Fiber-optic
It is built up of a glass in center covered with material which helps to protect it. This wire does not use electric signals. These wire use light which is its specialty also. It forces wire to immune the signal interference. A fiber-optic cable is effective at passing information at faster speeds than the other types of telephone cables. It can also carry information at far greater distances when used at varying applications, such as in video conferencing.

5. Wireless LAN
this is mainly used by businesses these days in the hope of streamlining their network of communication. Wireless networks use high frequency light, radio signals or lasers to pass information to server hubs. The server used in business, transfer information to different devices, for example phones, computers and others. Wireless LAN is ideal for use in places that are no longer reachable by cable.

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Relemac is a well reputed name in design and supplier of high-performance, high-band width cables and wires for telecommunications. We are the world s largest manufacturers of Fibre Glass Cable, Asbestos Insulated Fire Proof Cable and Air Field Cables etc.