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Telephone cables: Use to connect people worldwide

Telephone is a need of each and every human being in today’s world. We can also say that it has become life of people. Telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell over 100 years ago. It is one of the most popular inventions so far. The first telephone line was installed in Boston in 1877 which was used to connect the private line of Charles Williams in Somerville with his Boston office. Telephone lines were implemented by using Telephone cables and help people to connect with each other from any corner of the world. Although every person use mobile phones now a days but telephone lines are still very useful and widely used for successful communication purpose.

 There are Different types of cabling available in market which is used for telephone lines, some of the following are as follows:

·         Shielded twisted pair

·         Unshielded twisted pair

·         Fiber optic

·         Coaxial

Shielded Twisted Pair: They are one of the most popular cables used for telephone wiring. These cables are also known as STP cables and contain four wires which are twisted together and insulated with foil shield to block electromagnetic interferences and loss.


Unshielded Twisted Pair: These cables are also called UTP cables and widely used for telephone lines. These cables contains 22 pairs of copper wires and wrapped together to block electrical radiations and crosstalk.


Fiber Optics: one of the popular and widely used cables. These cables are made up of fiber glass which makes them more effective as fiber glass is used to reflect the unwanted light beams. These cables are one of the most common cables used for telephone cabling.

Coaxial: coaxial cables are also popular as they are used by various telecommunication industries .these cables are very flexible and use to transfer digital signals as they are wrapped with double insulation layer to block interferences. They also provide feature of durability.




·         These wires are very flexible and use to transfer signals at high as well as low bandwidth.

·         They contain copper wires wrapped with aluminum shielding to block the unwanted interferences.

·         They are used to provide better voice quality.

·         Telephone cables are cheap and for both international and nationwide calling.

·         Use to reduce IP traffic on internet.




·         Because of shared medium there occur possibility of delay and drop in signals at high bandwidth.

·         High traffic on the internet can make telephone calls difficult.

·         They always require power for regular supply of signals.


Telephone cables are most popular cables used to transmit signals to make communication possible worldwide.

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