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Telecommunication cable: used for digital signal transmission

Telecommunication cables are designed to transferring information from one place to another. You are able to send and receive audio and video signals through these cables. Whenever you want to setup telecommunication cables at your home or workplace then there are few things you need to keep in mind. First, you must know about the manufacturer of cable, second, you should check the quality of cables that you are going to use, third, you must check if the service provider is able to meet your expected needs and many more.


Telecommunication cables are most popular cables which are use to transmit audio and video signals at high bandwidth. These cables are insulated with thick copper jacket to make them more powerful and help them in blocking unwanted interferences and crosstalk. These cables are basically used for providing high speed signal transmission at high as well as low temperature.  They are widely used in various industries such as: telephone, TV and radio signal transmission and available in different colors. These cables are basically available into several forms like:


Transmission Lines:

These lines are mainly used to transmit electric signals in various industries. Transmission lines are used to transmit audio and video signals more accurately at high bandwidth. They are basically used radio transmitters to send and receive audio and video signals as they are used to alter current and help in transferring accurate current as per the load and requirement.



Waveguides are used when electromagnetic signal transmission is required. They are used to transmit electromagnetic signals without any unwanted interferences and crosstalk. These lines are used to provide accurate signals even in worst climatic conditions. These cables are used to transmit digital signals at high bandwidth.


Optical Fiber:

Optical fibers are fire resistant cables which are used to transfer light signals. These cables are mainly available in transparent and translucent colors and transmit more secure signals. They are more flexible and made up of silica. Optical fiber cables are used to transmit signals over long distance at higher bandwidth without any unwanted interference and crosstalk. These cables are wrapped with thick wiring which is used to carry images.


Modern Applications of telecommunication cables:

·         Radio and Television

·         Internet

·         Telephone

·         Local area network (LAN) and Wide area network (WAN)


Advantages of using these cables:

·         These cables are immune to interferences

·         They are flexible and helps in transmitting more accurate signals

·         Installation of these cables is less costly

·         They are less flammable and used to transfer light signals at high bandwidth.



·         These cables contain physical connection which do not support mobile applications

·         Sum times do not work properly due to climatic changes. 



These cables are basically used for high voltage signal transmission. They are mainly used for digital audio and video signal transmission. So, they are safe and secure to use.

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