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Teflon wires contain anti stick property

Teflon wires capacity to resist heat which makes it very simple to gather different electrical equipments with fire guns and other type of instruments. These wires are reliable and more durable. 

There are three types of these wires

  • PTFE Cables
  • FEP Cables
  • TFE Cables


PTFE cables refer to polytetraflurothylene. It is a one of the most common used type of this cables .Different voltage ratings are available of this cable .This cable are available in the two hundred sixty volt ,six hundred volt ,and one hundred volt and so on .This cable commonly used for electronic and electrical devices where cables resist to high temperature .These wires are available in different colors , lengths and gauges in the market .The second type of wires are FEP Wires which refers to Fluorinatedthyleneproppylene .This cables is a chemical cable which helps to resist the impact of chemical and gases reaction .That is why this cable used outside as well as underground .This FEP Cables has sufficient resist power to higher temperature compared to PTFE Cables .This FEP  wires are also available in different colors , thickness and required lengths.  The third and main type of cable is tetra flu ethylene cables .Its abbreviation form is TFE .This cable is also in different types of lengths, thickness and colors etc.


For the outer wrapping for this cable another chemical is used which provide it fire resistant property .If we compare this cable insulation to other insulations, we will find that its price are very low. In the comparison of specially wires price, we come to know that other cables are eight times cheaper than the Teflon wires. These wires are used for high voltages .It used different formulations for each and every kind of applications .These cables are very much differ in the sense of  as bend ability and electrical characteristics. It is not thermoplastic sometimes it is known as custom cables. These wires have some advantages and disadvantages.


These cables have broad range of temperature.

These cables prevent from fire accidents as well as chemical resistance.

These cables are reliable and durable.

These cables are very much expensive compared to other cables.

These wires are also available long length sizes.

These cables follow the standard code guide for naming convention of cables.

Anti stick property make it available for cook ware. 


Teflon wires are much better than other cables and are available in different wide variety in the market .These cables are manufactured with the different materials, chemicals; hi acids and other chemical compositions .This can survive in high as well as low temperature also. Anti stick and service pressure property of these wires are very pervasive in the sense of its likeness. As a disadvantage, the burned cable has bad effects for our health.


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Sanjay Gola
Relemac is a well reputed name in design and supplier of high-performance, high-band width cables and wires for telecommunications. We are the world s largest manufacturers of Fibre Glass Cable, Asbestos Insulated Fire Proof Cable and Air Field Cables etc.