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Teflon is a synthetic polymer which is used in various fields

Teflon is a synthetic polymer which is used in various fields. They are made up of polytetrafluoroethylen (PTFE) and discovered by DuPont. These wires are more durable and have long life. Teflon wires are used for making cables because of their excellent property of fire resistance and used in more fire prone areas. The melting point of these wires is high about 327  c.Teflon wires contain three types of insulated wires used to manufacture various models.

Tetrafluorethylene (TFE), comes in various colors and lengths, they are very thick and use tape to insulate wires instead of outer shell. There thickness is used to determine their voltage rating which are either 250,600 or 100.

Uses of Teflon Wires

·         They are used to apply Teflon layer in cooking wares to make them non-sticky.

  • They contains extremely low friction of Teflon which makes them suitable to be used in those places where sliding action of surfaces is required like in bearings, gears, slide plates, bushings etc.
  • These wires stay stable over high temperature as they are corrosion resistant.



Structure of Teflon wire

It is made of different elements which includes carbon (C) and fluorine (F). Teflon is a polymer and its chemical name is polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE).


·         They are used as material for printed circuit boards required at microwave frequencies.

·         They are in more demand because of their high performance and dielectric properties.

·         There highest strength of dielectric differentiates them with other solids. Teflon has high radio frequencies and is more pronounced.


Types of Teflon Wires


Polytetrafluorethylene or PTFE

This is the most common type of wire and provide thickness which is use to determine its voltage rating. It consist of three different voltage ratings:600,100 and 250.It comes in different colors and lengths and used for different types of electronic equipments.


Tetrafluorethylene (TFE)

Tetrafluorethylene, or TFE, also come in many lengths and thicknesses. It use tape instead of an outer shell to insulate the wire. Like all other wires.


Fluorinatedethylenepropylene (FEP)

Fluorinatedethylenepropylene, or FEP, does not react to gasses and chemicals which makes it more ideal for underground or outdoor use. It is also use for different elements, you can find them in different colors and lengths. The FEP wires can also be used at higher temperature.


Properties of Teflon

o   It is a non flammable wire as its insulation is fire proof.

o   It is more flexible as it comes with best quality copper wire.

o   Its working temperature range is -60 to 260°c.

o   It is whether resistance as well as chemical resistance and   change even after long time heat aging. It is extremely low coefficient of friction in temperature and non reactive.

o   It is also space saving.

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