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Teak Furniture Is the Most Demanded Wood Product From The Middle

Teak furniture is the most demanded wood product from the middle age century. It is a sign of royalty and high status. It was come in focus at the time of British arrives in India. Before this, Indians were not that much aware of there rich storage or wide source of economy. Indians felt and thought about the sipping process and ship manufacturing process of the ships. Actually only wood have the unique feature of rotting and weatherproof. These unique features of the teak wood made it demandable and precious. It is used inn the ship manufacturing at major level. In the mountain areas people used it for making their homes and hotels. There were so many types of experiments have done with the teak wood. The major experiment with it had done in eighteenth century. It were used for the outdoor furniture like garden swings, garden trolley, abet, garden cane table, garden arm chair and armless chair, steamers, tikki bars, rocket bar, infinite bar and so on.

Apart from this use, it is used at so many places at major level. For example it has used in indoor furniture, accents and accessories, in structures, in spa tables and chairs, bedroom furniture, laundry boxes and at much more places. Today people or consumers have become more concerned about its existence. Its long durability and weatherproof quality are very unique qualities. This wood piece is very famous for its hard and strong color quality and strength attributes. Teak wood has available into many categories. Patio is the most famous wood piece of India.

Very few countries have this god gift of having vast teak trees forests. In these countries India is also included in the list of having these vast forests. These teak forests play very important role in the increment of Indian economy. Most part of the Indian population in any way depends on the forests. These vast forests accomplish the demand of fuel, homes, offices, food, furniture and clothes. So many industries are depends on this furniture such that furniture industries, clothes industries, match boxes industries, fuel industries and so on. Teak wood has famous for its mentioned unique attributes.

  • This wood is a weatherproof wood piece, So that we can use this in making of outdoor furniture, decorative items and gift products.

  • It comprises of long lasting durability feature that is why it is used in making ships, boats and indoor garden furniture.

  • Its rotting attribute make it more demandable and costly.

  • It is comprises of hard and strong colors consistency.

  • It has in use from last eighteenth century.

  • It plays an important role in Indian economy.

Government has issued so many new programmes for the enhancement the planting process of these teak trees and forests. Private sectors are also showing their interest in the plantation of these trees and maximizing the forests area. Even teak wood industrialists are deeply engaged in plantation of these trees at their own field areas.

India has recently increased its participation in investment in plantation of teak trees. Increased population and demands of fine Teak Furniture, home appliances and so many issues forced government to invest in this field.

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