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Suraj Components: Leading Power Metal Parts Manufacturer In Ludhi

Suraj Components Pvt Ltd, India stands witness to its commitment to manufacture and develop reliable, durable and authentic sintered components since 1999. The organizations mission is to create a helm principle based on customer satisfaction; building pride among employees, stakeholders, partners and suppliers through sensible judgment and deputation has been preserved time and again. The suppleness shown by the organization during adverse conditions sets a benchmark for sintered components industry.

The core values that form the foundation of such a robust empire is primarily due to respect given to each and every individual contributor. Suraj Components is a company that understands the importance of innovation and judgment of its sintered products and manufacturing techniques. Hence, is entitled as distinct company of an ace in the sintered bearings and sintered bushes advanced techniques.

More than two thousand people contribute in ceaseless, qualitative and reliable productivity, growth and sustainability of the organization and its International standards. The sincere and devoted professionalism of the employees working diligently assures the quality work of manufacturing. of the Suraj Components family. The prestige belongs to each and every individual working as a Suraj Components family.

Suraj Components manufactures various industrial/machines equipments such as sintered bearings, sintered oil impregnated bearings, sintered bushes, sintered iron bushes, sintered bronze bushes, self lubricating bushes, Home appliances bushes, sewing machines bushes, fan bushes, mixer grinder bushes, blender bushes, tractor bushes, hydraulic lift bushes, Sintered rocker shaft bush, Dynamo Bushes, Starter Bushes, Wiper Bushes, Sintered slider block, Powder Metal Parts, Sintered Exhaust Ring, Sintered Flanges, Oil Pump Rotors, Sintered Gerotor, Gerotors, Shock absorber valve seat, Shock absorber Pistons and many more.

Sintered components industry enterprisers include importers, suppliers and manufacturers. Suraj Components is a trustworthy partner in their business endeavors. It has ISO/TS 16949: 2009 certification for its powered metallurgy and sheet metal components and its sub assemblies used in chassis and steering assemblies for automotive application.

The tireless effort of the employees and management has extended the heights of the organization to great success, hence making it a leading power metal parts manufacturer in north India.

Suraj Components are sintered Bushes and Bearing manufacturer in Ludhiana, Punjab,India. We have a wide range of all kinds of bushes and bearings for all type of products i.e; sewing machine, tractor,wiper buses, door locks, structural parts and many more. We are in this Trade since more than 14 Years and able to earn high reputation for trade in India due to our Workmanship.

Suraj Components is a common name when it comes to leaders in sintered parts manufacturer in India. We offer you a wide range of Self Lubricating Bushes, Sintered Bronze Bushes, Sintered Iron Bushes, Sintered Iron Component, Mixer Grinder bushes or blender bushes. Our products are reliable and durable. All these products are custom-engineered powder metal product solutions so as to suit the needs of our esteemed customers. We are also catering to varied industry needs in the local market at Ludhiana, punjab India.

About the Author

Harpreet Singh

 Suraj Component Private Limited (SCPL) is a leading manufacturer of custom-engineered powder metal products and provides solutions to customers in a variety of industries.