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Submersible underground Cable: perfect for underground cabling

Submersible underground cables are designed to use for underground cabling in submersible pumps, wells and submarines. They are more flexible as they are uniquely designed with copper wires for underground purpose. These cables are available in different designs that can be implemented with AWG, PVC round PVC flat and rubber round rubber flat. Their implementation differs according to the environment.

There are various applications of submersible underground cable which are used for designing different types of products by using best quality raw material. The product range includes EFAB PVC tape, copper ballast, slim striplite, aluminum ballast and centrifugal moonset pump. Some of the following products of underground cables are as follows:

AWG Cables: These cables are used to handle up to 600 volts of electricity. They are used in various types of water like fresh as well as saline water. These cables are available in rubber and PVC models and used in deep water. You can get these cables in different colors like swift- brown, swift-white and safari-chocolate.

PVC Cables: These cables are used in underground water as they contain protective coating to protect them from acidic substances flow in sewage water. These cables are basically used for sewage areas and widely used for other purposes to.

Rubber Cables: These cables are made up of thermoplastic rubber to provide insulation. This cable contains a protective coating to protect wires in harsh environmental conditions.



  • They contain High flexibility.
  • Mechanically easy to install and operate
  • Resistance to abrasion
  • They have Uniform resistance
  • Resistance to moisture or corrosion free
  •  Have feature of Premium electrical conductivity
  • Provide Durability

submersible underground cables contain many features but they are hard to install as their installation varies on environmental changes. They are safe and strong to be used for underground submersible pumps and made up of best quality raw material.   


Underground Lt Cable HANDLING & STORAGE
these cables required correct handling as incorrect handling can cause damages. There installation varies upon length of the wire. You need to be really careful while installing these cables as a little carelessness can cause big damage.


Underground Lt Cable PRE- INSTALLATION
while installing underground cable you need to keep some important points in your mind, such as:
1. it has not been damaged in transit or storage
2. To check whether the cable is proper for designed application

When you install these cables you must gather all the information about manufacturer and their experience. Sum times the environment is not supportive and cause various problems in installation. The selection of right manufacturer is as important as taking caution while doing sum dangerous work.

Conclusion:   submersible underground cables are those which are used for underground cabling in wells, submersible pumps and submarines. These cables are available in various colors with high flexibility and durability. 

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