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Submersible pump cables are used for underground installation of deep wells and motors

Submersible pump cablesare used to install for the purpose of underwater applications. Actually there are so many types of cables are available and developed by keeping the need in mind. For example telecommunication cable, networking cables, fiber optics cables, fire retardant cable, low smoke cable and so many more cables are accessible in the market.

In these cables fire retardant cables are used to resist the fire to spread ahead. Fiber optics cables are use to transmit the light from one place to another place. To transmit the light from one place to another place different exemplar are required. That is why we use fiber optic cables for the transmission of light. Low smoke cables comprises with halogen free gases so at the time of fire accidents these cable do not produce or release piousness gases. These piousness gases also make harm or deplete our ozone layer.

When we do setup underwater applications like deep well tube wells, under water pumps, deep well motors a cable is required which can resist in under water conditions. The under water conditions are like abrasion, degradation of cables, safe from electrical currents, under fresh and salt water survival.

So to get these all these features in a single wire, submersible cables were introduced. These cables are used in installing under water applications. These wires are very important for the security and safety purpose because wet places are always very dangerous for the wire installation. So to get away from this issue these cables have proved it very helpful even removes this major problem. These wires has categorized into three categories. First one is single flat core cable, second one is 2 flat core cables and the last one is 3 core flat cables.

All cables have insulated with the help of different materials according to their functionality. For the manufacturing of underwater cables hard insulations and high water resistible core material are used so that these cables can give better performance at the time of installment. These wires are manufactured for the purpose of long time use so it become necessary to put the important and required features at the time of manufacturing. These cables are designed under very hard terms and conditions. These cables are manufactured against the problem of submergence in specified conditions. This condition could be protection from the rain water and ingress of solid bodies in the cable.

Preceding the topic, Telephone cables are one of the capital cables in the family of wires communication cables. Although wireless technology has been developed and also propagating all around the world in most of the technologies but still a major part of communication is depend on the wired systems. Actually telephone cables purvey and proved the one of the cheap, best and secure medium of data transmitting. Communication is the most important thing for us like water, food and home. Not only communication even a proper communication has required for the timely accomplishment of the work. Proper communication avoid miss guidance and proper communication could only be established throughthe proper channels of communication.

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