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Submersible pump cables are used for the installations of motors in deep wells

H07RN-F rubber cables are harmonized, heavy and strong duty, flexible, rubber insulated, black color neoprene jacketed multi conductor 750V. This cable has approved in the use of different applications such as electrical equipment under less mechanical stress in a dry and moist outdoor or indoor conditions. It is usually used on equipments in the industries work with electric tools like drills & circular saws. The main application of these wires is such as boilers, heating plates, hand lamps, homework tools and transportable motors or machines at on site. These cables are also suitable for permanent installations on plaster, temporary buildings and residential soldier’s house.  Additionally, it is also applicable for direct laying on substances and mechanical parts and tools of machines in lifts and cranes. Maximum operating voltage individually or three or two phase systems is Uo/U 576/725 volts.  In a direct current system maximum operating voltage is Uo/U 610/1248 volts. If it is fixed and protected installation than Uo/U is 601/1001 volts works. The rubber neoprene insulating is weather and ozone resistant. The main and most important feature of these wires that it suitable for outdoor use.


In keeping with the technology commitment to quality and characteristics advancements o many cables has been introduced such as Polychloroprene , Chloro-Sulphoneted Polyethylene , Nitride Rubber / PVC blends, Ethylene Propylene Rubber , Ethylene Vinyl Acetate  and Silicone have been specially designed to meet numerous heat oil and fire resisting requirements. In the recent years Indian cable manufacturers has also developed special and multifeatured cables and wiring.

Rubber compounds for insulating and sheathing of these wires are manufactured to meet and fulfill the need of IS 6381, BS 6898, IEC 60501 and another national and international specification.

These tough electrometric sheathed wires conform to the Common European regulations and are constant for use in both out side and wet conditions. The other rubber cable are constant for light weight hand and work shop tools whiles the H07RN-F are more match able for increasingly highest levels of stress and heavy duty devices.


Submersible pump cables are used for the installations of motors in deep wells, underground conditions etc. These wires used to manufacture in different Varity. This comprised 3 Core Flat Cable, 4 core flat cable, 5 core flat cable and so on. Additionally these cables are also delivered in round shaped too. Pvc Insulated and Sheathed these core flat cables are ideal for usage in under ground water motor pumps and in deep wells for irrigation, Direct Burial, drink able water supply from one place to another place, leather industries, coal mines, water fountains. So many industries are involved in the manufacturing of thes3e wires. They provide vast range of flat and round submersible cables as per ISI 694:1991, which are one of the best products These cables used to manufacture from high electrolytic grade copper and a proper care is required to ensure their higher flexibility and uniform resistance power. This category of wires is very durable.

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