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Submersible Pump cables are resistant to moisture, grease, and abrasion

Submersible Pump cable is a special product for the pumps in deep wells and bore wells .It is a tough and flexible type of cable. These wires consist different features such as safety, electricity saving, durability, reliability for the long term .Apart from these features, this wire provides best long term performance. These wires are specially designed and tested for the maximum degree of durability and reliability.

The areas where these wires are installed are physically restrictive declared areas antagonistic areas .These wires used for irrigations ,aquariums ,drinking water supply, sea water filtration plants, mine dewatering ,sewage treatment plants ,industries ,swimming pools ,fountains, offshore drilling rigs etc.

The process of manufacturing of these wires goes through several tough and difficult steps .before releasing the finished good from the manufacturing place, the product has to go through testing for performance and toughness and to stand up the screening of wire for most aggressive wet conditions. A proper authentication is also required as a customer satisfaction for wires quality and proper manufacturing process. We can recognize the authentication of the wires with the help of ISI trade mark. These trade marks tell about the product manufacturing quality, used raw material, released date of the product, time duration for the use of product and so on .ISI trade mark like IS:890:1990 ,IS:768:1990 and so on.

There are some common features of these wires which is a main reason of its popularity. These wires are flexible, tough and provide resistance power for abrasion, moisture and whether .these wires are very much beneficial in case of wet electrical properties, food marketing, and sequential meter, safe and reliable power saving properties. It is available in wide variety range of temperature .The temperature range is from -40 degree centigrade to 150 centigrade .There are different types of wires are available in the market now a days. One core wires ,two core wires ,three core wires ,four core wires, flat and round core wires etc .Among all the available wires three core and four core wires always in demand. There are some international standards has published for these wires. The standards for Submersible Pump cable are given below.

  • IS 694
  • BS 6500
  • IEC 60227
  • DIN VDE 0281
  • VDE 0282
  • BS 6007
  • UL 83
  • SABS 1574
  • AS 3191
  • AS/NZS 5000.1.

Submersible Pump cable manufactures must be specializes in the state art manufacturing facilities .In this facility the manufactures record every minute detail and completeness of every finished good from row material preparation to packaging which is most important .The places like where proper river water is not available that places these wires are very pervasive because with the help of these wires farmers can harvest their fields properly.

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