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Structure and application of different variety of EPR cable

Teflon Wires are sturdier and have long life. These cables are exercised for constructing links because of their excellent property of fire resistance and it is also exercised in various fire prone areas.

Various uses of Teflon cables in the market are as:

·         They are adopted to exploit teflon layer in cooking wares and to construct them non-sticky.

·         They includes intensely low friction of Teflon which construct them suitable to exercised in those places where sliding  activity of surfaces is needed like in bearings, gears, slide plates, bushings etc.

·         These cables are able to stay stable over highest temperature because these types of cables are corrosion resistant.


Structure of these wires:

Teflon Wire is manufactured by the help of different elements which contains carbon (C) and fluorine (F). Teflon is a polymer material and it is mostly called by its chemical name as polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE).

Various applications of these cables are as:

·         They are adopted as material for printed circuit boards which is needed for microwave frequencies.

·         These cables are highly demanded in the market because of its high performance and dielectric nature.

Teflon cables are much better in comparison with other cables which are present in different wide variety in the market .These links are constructed with the distinct materials, chemicals, acids and other chemical structures. This type of cable is able to exist in high as well as low temperature. Anti stick and service pressure characteristic of these cables are so extensive in the sense of its likeness. We are the chief manufacturer and supplier of best quality of Teflon wire in Delhi, India.

EPR cable is also called by other name as EPM in which E stands from ethylene, P stands from propylene and M refers its categorization in ASTM standard D-1418 because the M class contains rubbers which have a drench chain of the polymethylene.



The full form of EPR cable is ethylene propylene rubber. The thermal and electrical characteristics of ethylene propylene rubber cable dielectrics are so durable with temperature. Obviously the inorganic element of the ethylene propylene rubber cable dielectrics alters from about 38% to 49%. The mechanical characteristics of ethylene propylene rubber cable are more stable with temperature in comparison with other TRXLPE cables. These types of cables are available in the market with distinct sizes, designs and colors which is adopted for various types of industrial applications.




Ethylene propylene rubber cables also have uniform stiffness temperature. Ethylene propylene rubber cables are commonly equal to butyl rubber, but EPR cables have improved property than butyl rubber. Ethylene propylene rubber cables are also used to isolate power cables which have higher current counting. Our company also deals with different types of ethylene propylene rubber cables which are adopted for various types of industrial operations.

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