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Stay Connected with World by Using Networking cable

Networking cables are those which are used to connect one or more devices for sharing data and information. They are also used for one or more systems and provide connectivity between other hardware systems like printer and scanner. There are different types of networking wires which are used to transfer data like twisted pair cable, optical fiber cable, coaxial cable depends on network topology and protocols. They are used to connect to the internet via Ethernet local area network (LAN), cable modem and digital subscriber line (DSL).You are able to access your internet at the time you connect your line to the Ethernet port. We all know that we are entering into the world of wireless network but still most networks are using cables for transferring signals from one point to another. Networking cables are more compatible than wireless cables.

Here is the list of different networking cables used to transfer information:

·         Twisted pair

·         Optical fiber

·         Coaxial

·         Ethernet crossover

·         Power lines


Twisted pair: Twisted pair wires are those in which two independent insulated wires are twisted together to remove the unwanted interference in transmission which we called electromagnetic interference occurs due to external sources. There are two types of cables used in twisted pair cables shielded cable and unshielded cables.

Optical fiber: optical fiber is also used for networking cables which contains many optical fibers and coated with plastic layers individually. These cables are used to transmit data at long distance over high bandwidth. It contains a protective tube that helps in reducing electromagnetic interferences.


Coaxial: These cables are also called primary cables as they are surrounded by insulation and braided wire grounded shield. These cables are used by the television industry and computer networks. The shields are used to minimize radio frequencies and electrical inferences.



Patch cable: patch cables are very useful as they are electrical devices and use to transfer signals from one device to another. They provides fast connection speed and their cables are designed in different colors to make them easy to distinguish. Patch cables are used for relatively short distance.


Ethernet crossover: These cables are similar to Ethernet cables and used to connect two or more computing device together via router, hub, or network switch that helps in connecting personal computers by using network adapters. They are used for short distance and also helpful for networking cables.


Power lines: Power line communication is used for electric power transmission. This communication is used to interconnect home computers and other peripherals products. But there are number of problems occur in power line communication and wireless networks because of this reason they are less demanded.


Conclusion: Networking cables helps in accessing internet via adapters and routers as they are more efficient than wireless network. They are also useful for short distance and provide high internet speed, for this reason they are leading the market and more demanded.

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