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Standard Profibus DP Cables are used for the field bus communication in the automation systems in th

Standard Profibus DP Cables are the very special wires in the world of wires and networking .The complete name of these wires contain type of wire and its importance and working methodology too .In this whole term profibus is a protocol name and refers to the standard also .These wires are used for the bus communication in the automation systems in the industries .This technology was evolved in 1987.The main application area of these wires is stationary field.

Most of the times these wires are used for assembling purpose also. These wires are double shielded wires and capable of shield resistance. These wires are provided only for those suppliers where these are in most demanded category. All the wires have some characteristics but these wires are little different . standard profibus DP cables are special in the case of electrical characteristics .Its impedance range is very high. It persists between one hundred fifty ohm to fifteen ohm .There is a vast difference in the loop resistance capacity and shield resistance capacity .The loop resistance power persists Upto one hundred ohm per kilometer and shield resistance power falls Upto ten ohm per kilo meter. In these wires only solid conductors are used. These wires do not provide sunlight resistance and oil, Greece resistance. 

The most important thing with these standard profibus DP cables is that how to install it. .The main and first precaution is that we should use profibus wires and connecters. There should not more than 34 electric equipments per one segment .All segments in the network must have termination points at each end. A testing procedure is required in the end of every installing process of wires. 

Profibus protocol works on the application layer of the OSI layer architecture of networking .This layer provide interface of communication between two networking devices .These wires are categorized according to their use in two parts .The first one is profibus DP and second one is PA. Here DP refers to decentralized peripherals and next one refers to the process automation .These DP devices are usually used in sensing devices .the PA technique is use to provide automation in all controlling devices of the industries.   

First time Standard Profibus DP Cables technology has been used by the siemens. There are different Types of standard profibus DP cables .Festoon wires with filters, halogen free wires with filters, food plants wires with UV pc, trailing wires with halogen free and with filters, FRNC halogen free wires with filters, ground wire UV and much more wires are available in the market .These wires are used to provide automation in the industries .This is very helpful to control on the overall automation process of the industry. 


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