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Some considerable points about Group Discussion

1. What is Group Discussion (GD)?


A Group Discussion is used by an organization to conjecture whether the candidate has appropriate personality mannerism and skills like aptitude to work in a team, verbal communication skills, non verbal behavior, team work, initiative, creativity, assertiveness, flexibility, leadership skills, reasoning ability is desired in its members. It is a very dexterous equipment to analyze the selection of proper candidate and is used very chiefly by companies or universities during the selection of right candidate.  

2. What are the important things that a group discussion candidate should take care of?

There are some following things are necessary for a perfect GD round.

Proper communication skills is the first major points is necessary for a good group discussion.

Proper listing skills should be available on the candidate, the reason behind this is that the judges evaluate on the basis of listening. It is needed that it should be precise and clear.

Understand the group as a whole, means in a GD round it is not impassable to specify the members by their name.

3. What types of subjects offered at GD round?

In the GD round some of the topics are used as subject:

Factual topics-

 Factual topics are the synchronous issues related to a common man. This topic provides a chance to the candidate to prove their awareness on the particular topic. They may contain social economic issues or current issues related to day to day life. 

Controversial topics-

These topics are used to analyze the emotional and personal controlling power of the candidate. These are the topics which lead to controversial arguments. Ex: Political issues in India

Abstract topics-

Abstract topics are mainly related to incorporeal things. These topics are not given frequently for discussion. Basically these topics are given to address your imagination and lateral thinking. Ex: Number 10, Twinkle little star and A is an alphabet.


4. What are the points consider for judging the performance of candidates in the Group Discussion?

There are few aspects are given for rating the performance of the candidate:

Candidate who has express ideas.

Candidate shows their command on the subject during discussion.

Who has a thorough knowledge on the subject and convinces the group by his debate presentation.

One who has a logical and methodical approach?


5. Common advantages of a GD round?

• GD helps you comprehend a subject in the best way.

• It enhances your thinking power in a chief way.

• It offers solutions for a particular problem.

• GD helps the group to reach at particular decision

• You can also share your thoughts with other candidates.

• You can also renovate your listening skills.

• You can renovate your confidence while speaking in public.

• You can change your attitude.

These are some important key points about a proper group discussion, which can help you in a better way.


About the Author

Nitish Singh

 This is a common interview question asked by the interviewer to candidate. So you should well prepare for a short description about yourself. Briefly explain your academics and your marks if you acquire good marks otherwise ignore it. Explain in short about your family background and your hobbies. In the last describe about your strengths and weaknesses and goals and achievements