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Single Core Cable best for low voltage signal transmission

Single core cables are highly demanded as they are flexible and used to transmit low voltage signals without any kind of electromagnetic interferences and crosstalk. These cables are required for various applications such as DC power transformers, panel boards, battery cables, electric motors and many more. These cables are available with single shield insulation so, they are used to transmit signal in low voltage. These cables are manufactured by using BS 6004 and mainly available in brown and blue colors there voltage rating is 300/500 volts. They are incorporated with PVC insulation which provides them more durability and helps in blocking any kind of risk.


Single core cables are mainly used for industrial and domestic cabling as they contain less mechanical and electrical damages. They are covered with grey color shielding and transfers 70°c temperature. They are made up of high quality optical fiber which helps in providing them accurate signals. These cables are used for audio and video signal transmission. These cables are mainly used to connect local area networks (LANs) and group of computer systems for transferring data and information in colleges, universities, office buildings and industrial plants within their defined range.


These cables are popular because of their ultimate protection during the transmission of current from one end to another end. They are available with (CPC) circuit protective conductor which helps them in transferring protected signals without any kind of fluctuation. Single core cables cannot be used for grounded wiring as they are used to transmit low voltage. These cables do not contain magnetic fields so; it is dangerous to ground them from both ends. To stay away from any kind of problem or disturbance you need to install single core cables as they block electromagnetic interferences and fluctuations.


These cables are flexible as they contain copper insulation which is used to protect them from any kind of chemical and electrical attacks. These cables are best suited even in worst climatic conditions because of their single core PVC insulation. They are available in blue and Brown colors and also in different lengths.



·         Flexible

·         Can be used in worst climatic conditions

·         Available in blue and brown colors

·         More durable as they are incorporated with PVC insulation

·         Electrical and chemical resistance

·         Use to transmit signals without electromagnetic interferences and crosstalk

·         Available in various designs and lengths 


These cables are mainly used to transmit signal for local area networks (LANs) and computer systems at limited range. These cables are flexible and  used to provide durability.

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