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Silver furniture is the symbol of royalty and prosperity

Indian art history is old as well as Indian civilization has old. It is very true that Indian art changes its face as old time passes from old trends to new trends. Indian art and culture adapts the changes and follow demand of time. Our very earlier ancestors had used metals in manufacturing of the furniture like silver furniture, gold furniture, copper furniture etc. They used metals in other work also such that vessel manufacturing, ornaments, in making clothes they were used metal in the shape of thin thread. Different kind of arts was used to decorate these furniture and metal based manufacturing. Most of the times used art, was mina Kari. It was very much famous and was in demand. People were used it with lot of vibrant colors and sparkling colors for example red, green, yellow, blue, orange, purple and much more colors were used. They used this art to design the metal furniture, gold furniture, silver furniture, and copper furniture, to decorate their homes with the help of key stands, coasters, poojas thali, and vessels and for so many things. Now we have reached to contemporary art from passing the different levels and phases of art. This is 21st century, by sake of its enriched qualities Indian art still influences all over the world. We have followed our moral values all over the years.


Our emperors used silver furniture and gold furniture to make their thrones. Gold has always being a symbol of reputation that is why kings and queens had used in their ornaments and precious things. Gold was not that much expensive as like now in those days. Rich people used to wear gold threaded clothes. They had used silver and copper also in manufacturing their clothes.  


India knows its own talent when in 4th century Alexander invites India for a school competition. After this, it has come to know the center of the art and education in all over the world. Now this time, government have to participate even they have to start new programmes to enhance and motivate the Indians. This is our responsibility to save our values and culture. We should try to do something inspirable for other countries. There are some products list in which we use silver metal mostly. These are as below.


Silver Plated Articles                                                                                        

Silver Metal Frame

Silver Toys and god statues

Silver Work Wood Frames

Silver polished bed

Silver polished or fully silver made sofa

Silver earrings and bracelets

Silver necklaces and finger rings

Silver temples


Silver furniture was used in our ancient days in extreme. It was used by different levels of people. Kings or top level people were used for making the thrones and vessels. Middle level people were using it in making of god statue and theirs vessels. The low level population was using that in making of ornaments. In that century silver were not as much precious as now. 21 century has come up with lot of increasing of the prices in silver. 

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Pearl Handicrafts is based in the Town of Lord Shrinath ji  Nathdwara, Rajasthan and has been involved in manufacturing, sourcing and exports of a wide range of hand crafted products & silver jewelry. Pearl Handicrafts provides a mesmerizing collection of Hand Crafted furniture, paintings under one roof. Backed by a highly skilled team of artisans, craftsmen & designers, Pearl is committed to deliver the best to the customers