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Silicon Rubber Cable are the cables which are embedded


Cables work in a network as the blood vessels works in the human being body. Different kind of wires have manufactured with different specification of material for different purposes. Cables are using in every field of networking, communication and in other applications. These applications are like deep well motors installations, meter installment, computer network setup installments, firing alarms and so many more applications.

A different and exclusive range is available in the market for various purposes and for various specifications too. If we are manufacturing cables than we have to take care of required features and required physical properties. As Teflon wire is one of the most used wires with dielectric insulator. These kinds of insulation are used in the coaxial cables. This insulation material is also used in the shield conductor of the cables like coaxial cables.

These wires are also known as PTFE wires. PTFE cables refer to a special kind of material chemistry. These wires are of two types. The first one wire is PTFE equipment wire and second one is multi core wire. Here PTFE refer to Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene. This chemical specification purveys more durability, reliability and softness to the cables. These wires work at a normal constant rate and super thermal stability.

The one more very important cable are also work on quick and rapid applications. This wire is very useful in our electronic device to check accuracy which are used to measure electricity or any other kind of measurements. The some most important features of these cables are given below.

Compensating cables are very sensitive cables.
These wires are used for the quick response.
These wires are perfect in purveying accuracy in measured data.
These wires are used for thermocouple applications.
It provides signal transmission without any kind of loss.
Some people refer these wires with the name of extension cable.
These wires are also used to transmit the data or signals for long distances.

EPR cables refer to the Ethylene propylene rubber cables. These cables are usually used in the special applications like Steel Mills, Three core or four core submersible flat cables, EOT Cranes, Airport Lighting, Ships, Nuclear & Thermal Power Stations, Wind Power Mills, Electrical Machines, Textile Machines, Construction Equipments and Turbines.

These wires are designed for the heavy applications and provide resistance from the tear and abrasion conditions. More than these properties these wires is full of electrical properties and provide resistance from the wheatear conditions. Silicon Rubber Cable is typically used for the generation and transmission of the electricity and in many other important applications. These wires are used for the nuclear applications and environmental applications. Apart from this, this material is used in manufacturing of other wires like low smoke cables, fire rated cables etc. Silicon is a costly material so the manufactured wires through this material are also less expensive.

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Relemac is a well reputed name in design and supplier of high-performance, high-band width cables and wires for telecommunications. We are the world s largest manufacturers of Fibre Glass Cable, Asbestos Insulated Fire Proof Cable and Air Field Cables etc.