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Silicon Rubber Cable: designed to use in all industry types

Silicon rubber cables are insulated high voltage wires with excellent dielectric flexibility and strength. These cables are basically supplied in three forms such as: high consistency rubber (HCR), as a liquid or room temperature vulcanization (RTV). They are available in transparent and translucent colors and best suited in worst condition. Silicon cables are resistant in both high as well as low temperature and can be molded easily. They can be used at places where contact with food is required because silicon is a non toxic metal.


Aerospace and aviation industries are the most popular industries that use silicon cables as they are chemical resistant and have hardness between 30H to 70H.

They contain world class physical and mechanical properties. Silicon wires have excellent resistance power to sustain in -100°c temperature; this is the reason for which they are used in every department including medical and food department.


Silicon is also use to clean environment as the polymer does not support microbiological growth. There are various other applications where silicon cables are used like home appliances, electronics, gaskets, automotive and many more. Silicon is use to provide durability and  helps in increasing life of your doors and windows, you will be amazed to know that silicon is used to make keypads for all computers used in space as well as on earth.


The following types of silicon cables exist in market:


·       Twin conductor silicon rubber cables with shield of tin-coated copper wire with connection at one end.

·       Simple conductor silicon cable with shield of tin-coated copper wire with connection at both ends.


Installation of silicon cable

 The installation of this cable varies from industry to industry. If you are using it for pipe tracing then you need to insulate the pipe carefully to reduce heat loss. This is generally used everywhere as and when required. You need to affix this cable by using aluminum tape for removing direct contact with cable and insulation.

Advantages of using them:

·        Suitable for high as well as low temperature.

·        Available in winter and regular grade.

·        Available in both shielded and unshielded forms.

·        Contains high client factor.

·        Optional and small frictionless rollers.

·        Contains superior friction reduction.

·        Suitable for using with all jacket types.


Conclusion: Silicon cables are best selling cables available in the market. They are used in all types of industries because of their versatile nature. They are very flexible as they are available with copper wires. They are safe to use as they are covered with suitable jacket types. 

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