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Shot Firing Cable: Fire and other acidic attack resistant

Shot firing cables are flexible cables which are available with twin shot firing ignition cable. These cables are widely used in various different industries to transmit accurate signals without any electromagnetic interference and other disturbance in current transmission. They are available with plain annealed flexible copper conductor. Shot firing cables are insulated with PVC insulator to make them more powerful. These cables are mainly available in blue and brown color and covered with black PVC jacket to block interferences and fluctuations.

If you are going to setup a music system or TV at your home. So, first you need to check the quality of cables you are going to install for connection. If the quality of cabling is not good then it will affect the quality of your music system and its voice. So, it is very necessary to use a good quality cable which will be compatible to your product. These cables are available in two forms such as: single shot firing cable and multi shot firing cable.

Single shot firing cable:
The single shot firing cable is used to transmit digital signals weather audio or video. These cables are very popular to transmit accurate signals according to load without any fluctuation. These cables are available in black and blue color and wrapped with single PVC insulation copper wire to provide flexibility and durability.


Multi shot firing cable:

These cables are incorporated with multiple PVC insulation to provide them more durability. They are used to provide high signal transmission and wrapped with black PVC jacket. They are available in black and blue color and use to provide accurate signals without any unwanted fluctuations. Multi core cables are basically used in telephone, TV and radio industries for digital signal transmission.

Conductor Type:

Tinned copper, aluminum wire, super fine strands of plain, paper tape or polyester.these are the main elements which are used to design lain copper conductor.



Insulation Application:

Natural and polychloroprene / Thermo plastic rubber (TPR) are used to transfer high voltage current without any kind of fluctuation. These cables are used for motor car manufacturing, conveyor systems in M/C’s tools, spot welding M/C’s and automatically operated line.

Technical Details:

Temperature -25??c to +80??c, voltage 1000V, working voltage 100V and bending radius 6* cable diameter.

Special Features:

·         Heat resistant

·         Chemical and electrical resistance

·         More flexible

·         Suitable for dry and dump interiors

·         Available with PVC insulators

·         Used for digital signal transmission

·         Can be installed for wiring in home appliances


Shot firing cables are made up of high quality raw material and used to transmit accurate signal in fluent way. These cables are easy to install and flexible to be bended for rounded cabling. The main feature of these cables is their durability.

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