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Shielded cables are the power wires used to supply electric

Shielded cable is the power wire used to supply electric signals and communication signals through one electronic device to another device .In our daily life there are so many times in a day where we use these wires for interference free communication and electricity signals. The term shielding is also known as wrapping, jacketing, screening and with other more names .These wires are mostly used at industrial places like plants, factory. The places like factory and plants are full of noise pollution and chemical pollution .These pollutions particles generate electromagnetic interference that is shortly known as “EMI”. These kinds of interference create problems at the time of signal transmissions. The installation of these wires having done with a transparent process. This transparent process helps to maximize the protection .These wires are helpful for a successful transfer of signals between the source and receiver .In this process source sends the signals to the receiver side .The shielding of these wires work for the sides. The heavy machines, heaters, heavy motors use these kinds of wires.



Why these wires instead non shielded wires


One of the very important topic that why we have switched to these wires instead of non screening wires .So to solve this confusion lets go for some facts .At first, each and every people want to communicate on interference free medium .For this the communication medium should be well screened so that it can remove the interruption at the time of signal transmission .this screening wire is very much successful for this task .it minimizes the interruption in signal transmission. Apart from it these wires are completely grounded cable.


Non screened wires do not work more than 6 k.v, but screened wires can load more than this load.

Screening of the wires helps to minimize the effect of the electric sparks.

Screening of wires helps to reduce the electric stress.

These wires maximize the reliability and durability of the wires.

Screened wires provide safety to the users.

Screening of wires increases the speed of data transmission.


Shielded cable refers to the wire with one or more than one insulation of the copper conductor. Generally for the conductor, copper material is used because copper material is a best conductor of electricity .Our guided media has been divided into two kinds of wires .Shielded wires and un - shielded wires. An interruption can occur in three ways in the communication. Radio Frequency Interference (RFI), Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI) and Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP).These wires provide protection from all above three interferences in the communication .Every one wants error free and interruption free signal transmission. These wires fulfill this requirement, so this is the main reason of using these wires and in this way these wires takes very much importance too.

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