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shielded cable technology is very wide and deep

Idea of shielded cable has proven that it is an effective strategy for dealing with problems of signal ingress and egress caused by electromagnetic interference. Shielding effectively ensure signal integrity, prevent downtime, maintain quality and increase confidence in transmission of signals.

EMI was first recognized in the early 1960 s, as interference problems broadened to encompass the entire electromagnetic spectrum. First interference problems were with radio signals referred to as radio frequency interference. EMI refers to electromagnetic interference.  

In broadcasting, there are mechanically-induced noise interference problems as well.   Noise is generated by movement in the material used in he manufacturing called Triboelectric, it results in as static or piezoelectric effect. Guitar cords, microphone cables, and other cables are flexed in use but generate Mechanically-induced noise. The solution of electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference right cable shielding. Procedure of shielding works and the types used in the market for various applications.

A cable shield is placed between the inner components of a cable and the outer jacket, or over individual components within a cable, it contain the RF signal or helps to move out  unwanted interference. Shielded cable provides a broad range of designs and variety. Different different types of shielding have their own advantages and disadvantages. The knowledge helps to select and decide the best and most cost-effective option accordingly for an application. In today s time there are different kinds of shielded cable.

Braid Shields. Braid shields are superior structural integrated as well as it maintained flexibility and long life. These kinds of shielded cable are example of best shielded cable for minimizing low frequency interference. In field of radio frequency and audio, these are very much effective.

Foil Shields. Foil shielded cable made of aluminum foil laminated to a polyester or polypropylene film Foil shields provide full cable or component coverage, It s size is very small and its also improving protection against radiated emission, foil shielded cables are usually used to wrap individual pairs of multi-pair cables to decrease signal interference. Foil shielded cable weighted and cost less than braid shields and are usually much effective at higher frequencies. Although Foil shields have shorter flex life but very much flexible comparatively others. F or ease termination and ground electrostatic discharges drain wires are available. Provides fast, easy and more reliable transmission of data.

The shorting fold construction technique in foil shield design helps improve high frequency performance by maintaining metal-to-metal contact, thereby increasing the foil shield s range of effectiveness to higher frequencies. This is achieved by folding one edge of the shield tape back upon itself. Thus when the tape is wrapped around the cable, there will be metal-to-metal contact along the seam or edge of the shield tape, better approximating the performance of a seamless tube. Without the shorting fold, a slot is created through which signals can leak and cause interference.

Combination Foil/Braid Shields. Combination shields consist of more than one layer of shielding and provide maximum shield efficiency across the frequency spectrum. The combination foil/braid combines the advantages of 100 percent foil coverage with the strength, flexibility, and low DC resistance of a braid. Typical braid overages range from 60 to 95 percent. Other combination shields available include various braid/braid, foil/braid/foil, and foil/braid/foil/braid designs.

French Braid Shields.  A cable shielding technology, it is a new emerging technology.  This especially matched to those applications those are developed on audio and radio frequency cable.  A design by one weave known as ultra-flexible double spiral shield. It provides longer flex longer life.

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