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Screened Instrumentation Cables: used for high voltage

The screened instrumentation cables are mainly designed for instrumentation and communication purpose. To maintain safety and security the cables must be reliable.  These cables are also used for various process industries like: power generation, cement, oil exploration, paper and steel etc. The instrumental cables are used to transmit both digital and analog signals. In today’s world people are more conscious about the quality of product they are going to use and in that case screened cables are very reliable as they provide quality signal transmission and block unwanted interferences and crosstalk. These cables are also compatible in different climatic changes because of their double copper insulation which provide them more flexibility. screened instrumentation cables are highly demanded as they are used in various different types of industries.



·         They are more flexible as they contain several smaller size conductors instead of a standard size conductor which is made up of whether solid and stranded.


·         Voltage and current of a particular conductor is based on its resistance and length. The size and current transmission of a cable is used to define its quality.


·         Copper is commonly used as conductor material. It is used to provide more flexibility and durability.






Individual screen: Individual screen is generally made up of aluminum tape rounded with polyester tape and used for long distances as it is more durable. The thickness of this cable makes it more reliable, its metallic coating and polyester taping helps it in blocking interferences and crosstalk.

Stranding: The number of taping used for screened and unscreened cable defines the quality of cables. This taping is used to improve its thickness and roundness.  

Moisture barrier:  To prevent cables from water penetration and other fluids, they are incorporated with jelly.

Internal sheath: The internal sheath is made up of various elements like: Silicon, Polyethylene, LSHF compound, PVC and other special material. They are used for grouped pairs and used for collective screen.



  • Insulation thickness:

Insulation thickness is required for high signal transmission and to block abrasion & corrosion.

·         Insulation material


Insulation material contains various elements which are used to design more durable cables these elements include transmission properties, burning behavior, minimum and maximum temperature rating, etc.


Reasons for designing these cables:

There are three main reasons for designing these cables like: first and main reason is to stay away from electromagnetic interferences, the second reason is to prevent the signals from any kind of external disturbances and the third reason is combination of one and two.


·         More flexible

·         Secure to be used in instrumentation and communication industries.

·         Provide high durability and reliability

·         Helps in blocking unwanted interferences



screened instrumentation cables are widely demanded as they are more flexible and provide durability. Use them and stay safe and secure.

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