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Role of DGCA in operation and maintance of Aircraft

The full form of DGCA is the director general of civil aviation. The director general of civil aviation is a governmental body which deals with the area of civil aviation. Who determine the principles that regulate sustainability and development of the civil aviation activities at international standards?  DGCA include 10 Directorates as air transport directorate, administration directorate, flight inspection directorate, flying training directorate, research & development directorate, airworthiness directorate, training & licensing directorate, aerodrome standards directorate, air safety directorate, and information & regulation directorate.


Director General of civil aviation is circulated to all the Sub-regional offices by the Regional Officer In charge. It is the work of director general of civil aviation to maintain the guard files of all related divisions. These reports should be kept in the custody of the head of divisional, regional offices head and sub-regional office head. The orders may be displayed in the office for general awareness. While displaying these orders, it may also be noted that they should be present on website of the Director General of Civil Aviation. It is the responsibility of Director General of Civil Aviation to proper check the aircraft for security issue and to avoid the dangerous accidents.


These are the duties of director general of civil aviation to make all arrangements for management of air traffic services. Regarding civil air transportation they determine the current policies, ensure and follow the provision and implementations and also to prepare some rules and regulation to assign duties to others.


Ame stands from aircraft maintenance engineer. There are wide possibilities to get an Ame job in aviation industry. Aircraft maintenance engineer checks maintenance of aircraft regularly. The duties of Ame are checking of aircraft maintenance, check situation and operation of aircraft engine, if necessary than makes repairs, replacements and adjustments, by the help of approved maintenance rules, and they also provide the proper direction for working of aircraft machines. Aircraft maintenance engineer should be able to fly with aircraft as flight engineer. There are several departments in Ame job vacancy.


This is necessary that aircraft maintenance engineer should have 10 years of progressive education in maintenance field. They should have a valid license issued by the ministry of transport. Aircraft maintenance engineer should have the knowledge of aircraft materials and parts should have Knowledge of aircraft maintenance equipment, Knowledge of safety precautions and fire prevention. An aircraft maintenance engineer should have the ability to guide and train their subordinate staff, so that they also perform their operation in a proper format.


People who work on this industries gained High salary packages. The role and responsibility of the employees are so important for the government, so government provides High salary packages to their employees. As soon as experience increases the salary package will also increase with the time. Government provides best salary to their employees for their work. There are many post provided by government of India to their employees with a good salary package, which is important for the confidence and proper growth of employees.

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