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RG-6 cable is a usual sort of coaxial cable used in a broad assor

RG-6 is a usual sort of coaxial cable used in a broad assortment of housing and commercial applications. The word RG-6 itself is relatively generic and refers to a extensive range of cable designs, which be different commencing one another in shielding individuality, center conductor composition, and dielectric type. RG was originally a module indicator (Radio Guide, or Radio Grade) for mass radio frequency (RF) cable in the U.S. military s Joint Electronics Type Designation System. The suffix U means for general utility use. The numeral was allocated sequentially. The RG part indicator is no longer element of the JETDS system (MIL-STD-196E) and cable sell nowadays under the RG-6 label does not unavoidably meet military stipulation. In practice, the term RG-6 is usually used to submit to coaxial cables with an 18 AWG center conductor and 75 ohm feature impedance.


The mainly recognized diversity of RG-6 is cable television (CATV) sharing coax, used to route cable television indication to and inside home, and RG-6 sort cables have turn out to be the normal for CATV, typically restore the lesser RG-59, in modern years. CATV sharing coax characteristically has a copper-coated steel hub conductor and a blend aluminum foil aluminum braid shield, characteristically with low coverage (about 60). RG-6 kind cables are also used in specialized video applications, carrying either base band analog video signals or sequential digital line (SDI) signals  in these applications, the center conductor is normally solid copper, the shielding is much heavier (typically aluminum foil 95 copper braid), and tolerances are more firmly controlled, to get better impedance steadiness.


RG-6 cables characteristically are integral with a variety of kind of connector at each end in CATV allocation applications, these are usually F connector style  in specialized base band video, BNC connectors  and in customer a v applications other than RF and CATV, RCA plugs.


RG 6 is accessible in three dissimilar sort designed for a variety of application. Plain or house wire is intended for interior or exterior house wiring. Flooded wire is infused with heavy waterproofing for utilize in underground conduit (ideally) or direct burial. Messenger or Aerial may enclose some waterproofing but is illustrious by the adding of a steel messenger wire along its length to carry the tension concerned in an aerial drop from a usefulness pole. Plenum wire comes with a particular Teflon outer jacket designed for use in aeration ducts to meet fire codes.

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