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Radio guided cables for home appliances and video signals

Coaxial wires are categorized according to their use and characteristics .RG 59 cable refers here to radio guided 59 cables. As coaxial wires are divided in two parts, first one is guided media and second is unguided media .These wires are the part of guided media. These wires consume less power and used for video signals and satellites installations and used for CCTV cameras, although for CCTV cameras Siamese’s CCTV wires are used .It is strongly shielded consist coax video wire wrapped in a jacket .This screening provide durability , less interference and make able it to run for long distances .We can connect BNC connectors to both end of these wires for transmission of video signals There are three types of BNC connecters are available in the market .

  • Twist on BNC connector
  • Crimp on BNC connector
  • Compression BNC connector

Generally these wires are manufactured in black and white colors and shopkeepers used it in the installation in DVD player and TV mostly .The part of coaxial wire is used to install the video of security camera capture. For the installation of air conditioner, 18 gauge pair wire is used. The main property is its 75 ohms frequency impedance which suits to dipole antenna but for this free space is required. Actually these wires are designed to provide support as direct current for cameras, watching videos and air conditioners etc.

These RG 59 cables again subdivided into two parts

  • Siamese wire
  • Siamese coax wire

Siamese wire COAX video and pair of 18 gauge 2 conductors only in one jacket. This jacket is of bare copper braid screened. In it coax plus one pair 18 AWG is stranded also.

Properties of these types of wires are as follows.

It provides signal transmission of video and power signals at the same time .These wires can be divided into equal length wires. As these wires are insulated heavily which helps to reduce the interruption in the transmission of signals .These signals can run Upto 100 feet without any amplification.

Wires are the medium of receive and to send signals for different services like data transmission, telephone service , internet service among all over the world .coaxial wire is the almost used wire for home appliances .If we compare this wire to other wires we will find that it is less expensive . Although these wires are well manufactured and very popular for its usability and durability but still have some drawbacks.

  • Digital signals can not perform 100 percent in these wires.
  • Signals leaking
  • Improper screening

RG 59 cables are the purposefully designed wires with approx 35 megahtz frequencies. Now these wires are using on those application which work at low frequencies below than 50 MHz .These are mainly useful for high frequencies television and video signals transmission.

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