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Protocols ensures customers for good quality communication

Cable is a medium to transfer the signals from one place to another .Telecommunication cable is mainly used to transfer the voice signals and electric signals from one device to another device .These wires are one of the pervasive category of guided media cables. Actually networking wires are divided into two parts


Guided media

Unguided media 


Guided media for communication are used when distance between two communication devices is not far from each other .In this condition wires and other physical medium are used for communication and signal transmission .In case of unguided medium antennas, modems type of electronic devices are used to transfer the signals .This medium is used in one condition more when the distances of two devices is to long.


Usually wires are used when signal moves from one network to another network .Each wire is used for a special purpose. Some wires are used for LANs, some are used for computer network installations purpose, and some are used for heavy signal transmission and much more .What type of wire should choose for a particular work is totally depends on the type of topology ,protocols ,size used in signal transmission  of communication.

For the transmission of the signals various type of cables are used .The different types of wires are listed here.


·         Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) Cable

·         Shielded Twisted Pair (STP) Cable

·         Coaxial Cable

·         Fiber Optic Cable

·         Cable Installation Guides

·         Wireless LANs

·         Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) Cable

The most important Telecommunication cable is fiber optics wire .This wire is made of glass in center place .this glass is covered by the material. The specialty of this wire is that it transfers light rather than the electric signals .This wire minimizes the effect of the interference of the at the time of communication .This wire provides successful signal transmission in the present of communication obstacles like moisture and  light.


For the proper arrangement of the communication wires a department has been established in 1974 .This community published some rule and regulations .These protocols were release by the federal government and department of telecommunication and cables.

  • These protocols ensures customers for good quality communication
  • This committee provides communication at reasonable rates
  • Increase policies for the development of telecom sector
  • This committee increases the competition among the service providers which results in the welfare of the consumers.
Efforts of this committee provide the policies for customer rights and protections.

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