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PP woven fabric processing and usage.

PP woven fabric processing and usage.

Beginning from heating of PP resin. Small trace of Calcium Carbonate and pigment are added to the PP resins during the heating phase. When the resin melts, it is extruded as a flat film. In the slitting unit, the flat film is slit into tape yarn followed by stretching and annealing, them the PP fibers are finished, these fibers are then converted into fabric by using various types of circular looms. Lastly the process of pp woven fabric is over.
As woven fabrics are made from PP resin and weaving process, have much higher strength than that of non-woven fabric of same GSM(gram/m2). 
Laminated PP woven fabrics which could be used as the material of woven pp bags as the industrial packaging solutions to protect the product like fertilizer, chemical powders from atmostpheric moisture and foreign particle.The Laminated fabrics are also use for making tarpaulin.
Un-laminated PP woven fabric is also used for pp bags, FIBC big bags, furthermore, as it is breathable, also used for ground cover, geotextile, and other landscape usage.
Lower weight of pp woven fabric are commonly used as wrapping fabric for cartoons , parcels , paper rolls etc.
Heavier weight of pp woven fabric mainly used for packing machineries, material of FIBC big bags.
Transparent Fabric is only made from the PP resin, not added in master batch(calcium filler). It is used for making bags used for packing premium product like Basmati rice etc so that the customer can see the packed product without opening the bag.

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