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Power cables are inconvenient and ugly but work a lot

Power cables are used in the industry to supply or distribute electricity current from one place to another place. So many times distributions are temporary and so many times it s for long time, but the purpose should be to do the work in right manner. Power cable uses copper or aluminum conductors, although small power cables may use solid conductors.f It is a cord to conduct power to an electrical appliance.

 Edison developed first power supply distribution. He had used copper rods, that copper rods were wrapped in jute and placed in very rigid pipes. Those rigid pipes filled with a bituminous.

If you have a broken cable with power generator, it can be very dangerous. Good wires are life saver. There are many types of lines used for less machinery and house hold things.

Most basic wire is welding wire, because it is of copper stranding and the insulation. Copper price are not stable so the prices of wielding wire are also not stable. It has good flexibility and better color retention.  This wire mostly used for secondary voltage resistance welding leads.

 It is also known as kind of industrial power wire. This is very flexible than any another type of electrical wire. There are two types of flexible welding. Welding is made with 30 bare copper strands for more flexibility. It is very flexible due to rubber insulation. It is more flexible than battery wire but welding wire has an extra flexible, as well as heavy duty cable.

Another similar type of wire is DLO cable, (Diesel Locomotive). This is the flexibility and thickness in insulation for added protection. DLO cable is less flexible comparatively welding cable because it s only made with 24 awg strands of tinned copper wire. There is a cable, named Locomotive cable. It is of 2000 volts instead of 600 volts to provide more power to the application.

There are so many different types of single conductor power lines like stage lighting cable, Type W etc. These are similar to the extension cords we usually have in our house, offices. These are much more rugged and labeled as an industrial power cable. There are some tools available those can measure and tell us the need of power supply for a particular device.

System power supply Calculator

Coalmax PS-228 Network/ PC security tools

 Although Power cables are inconvenient and always in a tangle, but plays wide and very important role. Now this time many companies has involved deeply and providing colored and convenient wires also.

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